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Saab vs Tuipulotu

The better Robbo

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Oct 5, 2017
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No player will be picked for their goal kicking. Playing ability only, then we use DCE if Garrick isn’t picked.
Garrick won’t retain his spot for his kicking ability imo.
Not on last year's kicking but if he can get up to 85% then he'd be worth picking for goal kicking alone. Most on here are quite harsh on Garrick but apart from his poor efforts bringing the ball back he has star quality in all other aspects of his game. I'm backing him to make that wing spot his own and won't lose it!


Look into my eyes....
Sep 16, 2010
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I think we have to be prepared for Des' reluctance to make fast, decisive changes, at least for the first part of the season. Wouldn't be surprised to see experience take precedence over potential for the first rounds - Jorge n Garrick likely to start. Then after Jorge drifts off his wing and lets in a try, or fails to turn in time when someone kicks in behind him, he might eventually be replaced...then drift in and out of the team for a while. Des is extremely loyal, which is usually a good thing - but it does often seem to cloud his judgment on week-to-week performance.
Jorge won’t be ready for round 1. I doubt he will be game ready for quite some time. An achillies takes a long time to recover and most people aren’t the same after it. Jorge won’t start, but I hear you when you speak of Des’ stubbornness at times.

We can’t afford another year like last year, Saab and Tuipulotu aren’t 18 year old kids, they are ready to go and both physical specimens with speed. Unleash the crackens Des...unleash!


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Sep 8, 2010
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Just a story an Saab from League Nation.....

After asking for numerous releases out of his contract at a struggling Dragons side last year young high-flyer Jason Saab is set to start on the wing for the Manly Sea Eagles this season. A club where he finally seems to feel comfortable playing footy at.

Saab showed glimpses of his talent at St George but was constantly in and out of the rotation therefore, he was never given the opportunity to fully find his rhythm in first grade.

After dealing with the tragic loss of one of his best mates Manly Player Keith Titmuss. Saab has a lot to play for this year as do the rest of his Manly team mates. On the back of a fully fit Tommy Turbo we believe Manly will be a sneaky premiership chance this season (they always are) and we believe that Saab will be a beneficiary of that.

Not to mention he will be lead by one of our games best leaders Daly Cherry-Evans who will help guide him and put him in places to be successful. Look for Cherry-Evans to kick to Saabs wing on many occasions throughout the season in the hope Saab can pull off some spectacular try's with his high flying ability.

manly al

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May 17, 2017
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Guess that it is also going to be an experience factor for Saab and Tippytoes but Garrick adjusted quickly to N R L level in his i st Manly season and did well enough . Sabb has already had a taste and with the right preparation and attitude , no reason why he can not make a go of it at season "s start . If he can start off for instance at say an Edrick Lee level and soon hopefully get close to a Danial Toupu level , would be a great outcome of course and every chance doable . Tippytoes might also be regarded as a centre prospect but looks to have the goods as well . both do not seem to lack genuine speed and that can be just as much an asset in attack as well as defence and especially turn and chase and sliding defence

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