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Ryan's Analysis

Critical Analysis - By Ryan

In the 1st 10-15 minutes of the game, we actually defended quite well, and I almost started to think the momentum was shifting our way, even after being down by 6-0, and possession heavily against us. I really thought the penalty against Chris Hicks, for an incorrect play the ball 15 metres out from our own goal line really hurt the players mind set. For the record, I agree with the all the channel nine commentary team on this and agree it was extremely harsh (and that's WITHOUT bias).
I thought the 1st try to Brisbane was also off a soft penalty in the Broncos half, when Jason King failed to get off the player in time.
Although it appeared that Scott Donald & Brett Stewart fumbled the ball a few times, and it looked as though their hands were letting them down on occassion, Suncorp is renowned for it's almost freakish wind patterns, leading to 90% of teams that play there having trouble under the high ball. Just ask Karmicheal Hunt. Possession and field position meant that Manly's Michael Witt, with his lethal bombing ability couldn't capitalise and return serve from Darren Lockyers high kicking game.
I thought our defensive line was extremely slow in moving up tonight, giving Lockyer too much time & room, and with The Broncos, & their very deep attacking line set out wide, had the pace to get outside their man. That said, it would be great to invest in some pace in the centres to alleviate this concern.
It is very harsh to be specific about any certain player that played poorly, because I think this result was bought about by an overrall poor team performance, and one players lack of tenacity, meant another had to step up, and play a role moredomanding than what they should have. If suggestions are made about a players performance, it should be in a constructive manner, and lead to levelled discussion.
Anthony Watmough, Shayne Dunley, and Steve Menzies all had strong games, and were best three for mine. I would LOVE to see all three make the City / Counrty sides, and although we lost tonight, don't think they did their chances any harm.
A few things I thought could be done a little bit more, better, different, less, are as follows:-
More - I thought Manly played well when they threw the ball around a bit. This was seen in the second half, and our attackers seemed to play a bit deeper in attack. The more Michael Monaghan, Chris Hicks & our second rowers get involved, the better we seem to go. We need to get off our line in defence more. We need to be more dominant around the ruck in defence. Too many times Daniel Heckenberg attempted to make a tackle, only for the attacker to make another 5-6 metres with Hecks hanging on. This sets our defensive line on the back foot. After the tackle is completed, Hecks needs to get up quicker, and stand at marker defence, or a quick dummy 1/2 will just run around them. King is very slow in this area too. We seem to get exploited here quite often, and I think it is why we are at times labelled soft up the middle.
Better- Our front rowers were really beaten up tonight. Brisbanes forwards were much better. We were making an average of 20-25 metres per set of 6, while Brisbane were making 60-65. You can't win field position with stats like that. This, is exactly where Manly lost it tonight. I thought Daniel Heckenberg, Brent Kite & Jason King all looked lethargic in attack, when standing up from being tackled, and espescially around marker defence. Obviously playing a Sunday, then Friday night game had taken its toll on the big men. I would like to bring in Glenn Stewart or Adam Cuthbertson being that Hecks is injured. Brisbane blooded youth tonight, we should do the same.
Different - I would probably try a different centre combination. We lack diversity in this area. One suggestion I would make is to have Jye Mullane bought in for Steppa. He has been playing particularly well in Premier League, and has tha capability of passing, kicking, turning the ball on the inside etc. Whilst Paul Stephenson is no doubt a good player, I believe he could have a more diverse role in the team. Dummy 1/2 runs are fantastic, but if you have a loaded gun like Scott Donald next to you, you should pull the trigger on occassion. THIS, in my opinion is why we aren't scoring long range tries this year.
Less - I know it is hard to stay away from the press when you are doing well, but I am sure the team will be left alone rhis week. There were way too many exterior factors happenning to the team for this game to be just a plain game of footy. We need to bounce back with a better attitude. We need to make more metres in our sets of 6. When we are being beaten, were are getting flogged. We need to think dominance. I personally thought we looked intimidated tonight We need to have less night games. The thing about Manly is it's all about attiude. We can see that when they are at home.
Here are some quotes from tonights game that I hope can inspire manly to a better performance next week:-
Fatty - "This performance has been borderring inept at times".
Matty - "This team just can't play night football. It's all about attitude".
Ray - "They are completely getting beaten right across the park".
Me - "It's how you bounce back from this, that shows us fans the true character and Manly spirit".

That won't happen until we play & beat a GOOD side away....
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Ryan's Analysis

A lot of good comments here Ryan. I think we do need to play night games as avoiding them isn't going to help our attitude and mindset. After all the conditions are the same for both teams and if we want to be the best we have to be prepared to play on Friday nights. Our support demands this.
Ryan's Analysis

Nice write up Ryan. I think the boys could have listened too much to all the wraps our sliding defence has been getting in the media. They seemed to forgot all about last year where it was discovered that the slide defence doesn't work when you don't move up in your own quarter (I refuse to use that Americanism "red zone" that Ray Warren seems so taken with - get over it Rabs we're playing rugby league not gridiron you fool)

I agree with your 3 best. Dunley had a great game. The Broncos couldn't really handle him and that line break in the first half was great to watch.

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