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shouldnt be much to complain about sunday with smith refereeing.i doubt he is very competent but he does not seem biased.

seriously though i think it is a positive as he wouldnt have dealt with our whining approach much and shouldnt have any preconceived ideas.we need to address this quickly.seems to be a lot of media attention on it.we will need all the help we can get this week.
Hopefully he will be a "hometown Harry", a 10 - 2 penalty count like the Souths game will help. Hopefully at least 15,000 will turn up in full voice.
Mothers day will dwindle the crowd, I already know of about 10 people not going because of it.

Monas needs to shut his mouth he argues like a kid wanting Maccas!
He was very embarrasing at the Broncos game. You can see the look on the refs face as monas continues to believe somehow magic powers will change a decision. It bugs me to see and considering some penalties are valid, whats the point of saying anything?
go get a coffee Matabele that was terrible!
I am sure he will hear it through the TV too :D

You better get your sledging for opposing teams down a lotbetter than that before the penriF game
must say the crowd has helped, from memory we have got some great early penalties every game at Brookie, and so we should! :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:
I guess it helps when a few baboons yell out "Get em on side they have been doing it all day" after about 90 seconds. !doh:
I guess it helps when a few baboons yell out \"Get em on side they have been doing it all day\" after about 90 seconds. !doh:

I love that call.

I love nothing more than telling the touchy to get off the field or cheering him on for hist run up the sideline. Those guys are like stone, and I have only once got a reaction from one of them
difference is tooves got away with it. The refs dont put up with the same crap that they use to these days
I Think you should Ask Hollywood Harrigan about that Dan , I seem to remember an Incident
at Lang Park

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