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Journey Man
An Absolute tough one yet again.

The tipping comps are a lot lower than in previous years and there will be some good money made at the tab this weekend.

Panthers Vs Storm

Well Storm are away but still going great guns. The entire penrith team seams to have lost all for from the previous year. Amazingly the Panthers are favourites at the tab and the storm have 2.5 start. I feel its a safe bet that this will not be the panthers week. Expect there to be a sea of flannel leaving for the exits with about 20 to go.

Fluffy's Tip - Melbounre by less than usual 10 - 20

Dragons VS Manly

Top Vs bottom. The saints have showed very little pleasing football at all so far copping some floggings on the way. Manly have systematically disposed of the opposition and deservedly sit up top with the raiders. Some think this will be the game that the dragon finally find form - Even if they do i think Manly with BK and Hill will be too good for them.

Fluffy's tip Manly by 50+

Sharks Vs Cowboys

Sharks suprisingly playing at home on a saturday night. The cowboys have taken advantage of training in the heat and have a big home ground advantage going early in the season. The sharks look a much better outfit with Kimmorley, Nutley and Stevens in the side compared to that which was walloped by Manly a few weeks ago. Both teams have beaten last years premiers the dogs and looked good in doing it. Stevens will be the difference needing to take out his sexual frustrations somewhere.

Fluffy's tip - Sharks with home ground advantage. by 6

Wests Vs Warriors

The tigers have been the giant killers this year so far, beating the dogs and the roosters in succesive weeks. The warriors have been improving slowly and are looking a solid side now. The game is at Jade stadium which will disadvantage the tigers being slightly narrower restricting their flamboyant style. I see the tigers coming back to earth and looking average at best. The question remains - will this be the game that Benji snaps in half?

Fluffy's tip - Warriors by 10

Brisbane Vs Parramatta

Brisbane suffered their worst ever defeat last week and were sent back home with their tales between their legs. Parramatta had a decent win against an ordinary panthers side. They are showing signs of things improving but will require more time to get used to almost an entire new team. Bennet will have Brisbane revved up completely for this one.

Fluffy's tip - Brisbane by 10

Rabbitoes Vs Knights

Well its the battle of the current spoon favourites. Souths are showing signs of improvement and have some good players leading the way. The knights have showed signs that they might hold a Flegg team to less than 30 if the ref is biased their way. Johns has yet to find any form and he is not being helped by gidley outside him.

Fluffy's tip - Rabbits by 20

Radiers Vs Roosters

Believe it or not but the raiders hold number 1 spot coming into this game and are looking a decent team. The roosters continue to look lost without fitler and have struggled big time. Home ground advantage to canberra should be the difference.

Fluffy's tip - Canberra by 6

Dogs Vs Bye

Could have come at a better time.The dogs injury list reads like one of the best packs in the comp. To make matters worse someone forgot he played for the dogs rather than slept with and now there is a bout of the mumps going around.
and your is identical tomine up to round 5 (as thats all i have done.


cheers for the content mate.

Do you want to do round reviews and I will do the previews, i will happily set you up a section to do this
Top report I hope you're Manly prediction is correct. But I think it's more of a danger game....I think Manly +10.

Benji had better make sure he's stepping well...or he'll get smashed.

I think the roosters will win as well.
Dan - i cant promise that i can do either everyweek. The reviews can be a real problem when i am away all weekend.

I also like reading yours.

I have a feeling that its time to give out a hiding. I just feel in in my blood
Good on you Fluffy - my parlay is safe on your tips. *phew* Now to wait for the bookies to cry mercy and the Eagles dough to roll in.
I think there is some money to be made this weekend if your willing to take the risk. im tempted and i dont gamble
wow some of you guys are getting cocky/confident... I think the dragons will snatch it or we will win by 10. Cant see them losing though.. 5 in a row? hmm
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