Roosters’ cap crisis could send star to rugby, and force half to rival



I assume if they did offload Keary next year they'd still have to pay some of his $1.3m so they're screwed either way.

Let's see what new rules/special dispensations PVL & Uncle Nick come up with to allow them to go for Munster while still keeping Crichton, JWH & Keary...


"They have got Joey Manu who is not off-contract until 2024 and he’s on $800,000 a year. They have got James Tedesco on $1.1 million. Luke Keary is on $850,000. Brandon Smith next year is on $800,000 as well."

What about what the rest are on?



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If Im a player I would have second thoughts about going to the Rosters.

Everything is great until someone at a different team is out preforming you then they chase that player and make your life hard so you leave.
Is a few season there until you are forced out worth it when you have to up root and go elsewhere.

Yes you want the best players but that is not possible, Pearce was a loyal and a decent player but Cronk was better so they sign him and push him out.


Its actually quite refreshing that someone in the media has brought attention to this.

The Roosters have benefitted from being left alone by the media (unless it's a puff piece funded by Uncle Nick) so perhaps this is a sign that the media worm has turned & the Roosters are now subject to just as much media speculation & innuendo as (nearly) every other club?

Brissie Kid

Really annoys me when a club says it is happy to let a star player out of a contract to go to RU, but won't do same to let them go to another NRL club. It diminishes the NRL as a whole.


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Watch for Keary ,JWH and Sam V to be revealed as desperate and raging addicts resulting in the Rorters sadly having to counsel them and let them go for the sake of the "culture "of this great club. Miraculously then enabling the Rorters to snatch Munster for 300k PA because he has always loved the club and the game and is just happy to be there


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