Religious ramblings have run thir course


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Isnt it about time the never ending circular religious arguments ceased, its getting very old and very boring
Talk about Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Women, Alcohol, Women, Alcohol etc.

the first couple of days were interesting, even amusing.

Now its getting repetitive circular and boring.

and yes I know I mentiioned women and alcohol twice, they are personal favorites :lol:
i wil have to introduce yout o natalie :D
Although I am a bit dissapointed it was only a 10 word dissertation rather than the usual 8)

but seriously arent you getting a little tired of the same arguments being rehashed over and over again, where there is no chance of either side changing their stance.
That's not been my experience in the past.

There's no reason to believe it won't be the same in the future.

Assuming of course that there is a past and future and that it is measurable. :wink:
Mate I haven't even weighed into these arguments yet. If Christianity is true then they are vitally important and then well worth debating and considering.

In the end it all depends on your motives for getting in the argument: to push a presupposed view or to debate what could be very important and life-changing questions.

If it offends or bores I suggest staying clear and reading the other posts! 8)
Hmm, I wonder why my Bull**** detector just went off :lol:

Looking at this particular argument its You Vs Zap, with a few hangers on trying to match the 2 chief clowns, with verying degrees of success. The disciples (to keep the theme going) will only change their views when one or other of the cheif protagonists do so, in true apologist fashion. :lol:

So its obvious that neither you nor Zap will cave anytime soon (or ever) this will not be resolved at all.
Fro, I don't neccesarilly believe that that would be the case, or I wouldn't waste my time.

Of course, it may well prove to be the case. But for the moment it's an investment I'm prepared to make.

It beats the hell out of debating whether Brett Lee is a pie chucker or not - something i DO agree with you on!
Take a tablet CW, it doesnt offend me in the slightest, IMPO Zap and his side of the argument are screwed when the day comes,as for bored, well yes I plead guilty to that one. But I am firmly in the christian camp on this particular topic.

Well good luck on your crusade Mata, but to me it looks like the unstoppable force Vs the immovable object.

And I happen to enjoy the baiting of B Lees army of fans, although Bevan is a much more enjoyable target, Ive even been accused of being a queenslander of all things :?
I can see why some would find the issue boring. Quite frankly it doesn't interest me too much.

But the chaps enjoy banging there heads against the wall. So I say good luck to them. They all provide contributions all over the forum even posts regarding MWRLFC sometimes :wink:

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