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Refs and Home Ground Advantage

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Boozo, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Boozo

    Boozo Active Member

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    25 minutes and 3 Dogs penalties before refs could find a penalty for Manly, another shocker from a video ref and all this AT HOME!

    Is it just Manly or are there other clubs who get a raw deal at home? Compare the treatment Sea Eagles get from the refs at home to how the Sharks are treated at home - two different worlds. We basically don't get a home ground advantage, I'd rather play at SFS or ANZ.

    At Brookie the refs go out of their way to show that they won't be influenced by the crowd. This is all well and good but they don't appear to do it at other home grounds. It's an accepted facet of footy that the home team will get the rub of the green unless of course, they play in Maroon and white.

    If most league fans hate Manly then it stands to reason that a healthy percentage of the refs don't like us either or grew up in homes where Manly was looked on with disdain. It would seem that most of them carry that bias onto the field. Even if that bias is subconscious, it's still bias. It's time to entertain the possibility of employing refs from overseas and a boss who does his job professionally.

    Harrigan in charge of refereeing stinks. Accountability is virtually non-existent. Remember his tick of approval for the famous Gasnier 'try'? That should have been the end of his involvement in refereeing, he ended up being appointed boss instead. Now we have video refs making similar 'howlers' on a regular basis. A quick sorry from Bill (but only if the mistake is completely and utterly indefensible) , a week out of the box and back to business as usual the following week.
    It's beyond me how a video ref can get it wrong AT ALL unless their biases, subconsciously or not, come into play.

    Hollywood hates Manly which is fine, but he should not be involved in refereeing. It would seem that he is biased and can't keep that bias away from his job.

    There, I've had my rant. I'll climb down from the soapbox now. Feel free to shoot me down if I've been gibbering.
  2. eagleE

    eagleE Active Member

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    Manly supporters are not loud enough. If there is no pressure on the ref he will also stand back. You can't be loud for 5 minutes then quiet for the rest of the game. We need to intimidate the opposition into thinking they are offside, it was a high tackle, they are in the 10 and so on. I was at the Storm game and the atmosphere was good. That is what we need to be like weekly. It seemed good on the telly for the dogs game as well. Compare it to the dogs home or eels home and we are too quiet.
    The decision on Whare being taken out without the ball was wrong. I say that should have been a penalty. But we got a few missed high shots that I thought might have been called especially from gifty.
    I'm happy to accept the 2 refs if that is what the NRL want but I think they need to attract better refs. Maybe they need more pay. The young blokes who don't make it as players might be interested in reffing.
  3. mike walker

    mike walker Well-Known Member

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    g'day all,if there is one common denominator between fans of all clubs it is the perceived poor treatment of their team and the preferential treatment of others.Refs make mistakes,they're human,and in my opinion you get the rough end some weeks and the rub on others and in the long run it balances out and its unreasonable to expect the onfield officials(video refs are another thing i wont start) to get it right every time.Refereeing didn't cost us the game the other night and itseems you only can lose because of referees. When was the last time you heard anyone say they won because of the ref's? cheers mike

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