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Rd21 Sea Eagles v Tigers teams and chat

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    Team Lists - Round 21
    26/07/2011 3:09:57 PM
    The Sea Eagles have named their teams for their blockbuster clash with the Wests Tigers this Friday night.

    Fireworks are set to explode - see who'll be playing!


    Brett Stewart
    Michael Robertson
    Jamie Lyon (c)
    Steve Matai
    Will Hopoate
    Kieran Foran
    Daly Cherry-Evans
    Jason King (c)
    Matt Ballin
    Brent Kite
    Anthony Watmough
    Joe Galuvao
    Glenn Stewart

    Vic Mauro
    Jamie Buhrer
    Shane Rodney
    George Rose
    Tim Robinson
    Darcy Lussick

    Alsafe Security Under 20's:
    Jorge Taufua
    Mark Falaniko
    Tyrone Faliuga
    Michael McDougall
    Sione Ala
    Tim Crellin
    Josh Drinkwater
    Magnus Stromquist (c)
    Ajay Vaivaka
    Paul Tuigamala
    Joshua Ingram
    Tim Burrell
    Jamie Anderson

    Nathan Cooper
    Tane Rapira
    Patrick Patelesio-Sipley
    Justin Lemalu
    Kayse Greer
    Jason Annear
  2. jjai

    jjai Active Member

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    I thought Trex was ready to come back ?? .If he does come in who do we take out from the bench. Mauro & Lussick been playing well also..?? does Trex deserve to push 1 of them out, or should he play a couple of weeks reserves , get some confidence. Burher deserves his spot on the bench been playing strongly..
  3. Brookie

    Brookie Well-Known Member

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    anyone got an idea whats wrong with t-rex and why the mushroom treatment with his injury? the manly daily had him returning two weeks ago....
    has he been dropped? is manly daily unreliable? is this dessies mind games?
  4. Supernintendo Chalmers

    Supernintendo Chalmers Well-Known Member

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    while des has some players up his sleeve i think its a great idea to keep the likes of lussick, mauro in there while they are playing well, and get them up on match experience in case injuries pop up in the semis, if t-rex isn't 100% while these other guys are, then no point risking it. some pretty big games coming up, if we can be fielding teams where everyone is 100%, it's only going to help our cause.
  5. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    Referees: Jason Robinson and Ashley Klein;
    Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Ricky MacFarlane;
    Video Referee: Sean Hampstead
  6. Ceagle

    Ceagle Well-Known Member

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    Look at the delusion in this thread

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    • NYEagle

      NYEagle Well-Known Member

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      I think we are going to see a big lift in intensity for this game.

      Manly have been waiting for this one for 3 weeks I reckon, and there will be no worries with fitness after two sleepwalked wins over Newcastle and Penrith, and the return of a fresh Watmough and Robbo.

      I'm already buzzing, and I bet the players are thinking the same, and would love nothing more than to introduce these phonies to some finals football early to bury their confidence for the run home.

      These guys play side to side lower grade footy and we'll smash em.

    • jjai

      jjai Active Member

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      yeah i agree with them getting match experience , i`m quite happy with it (the bench). Sometimes i wish it was a 6man bench .When you have some much talent its hard for them all to have a start.. Dessie would probably only use 4 anyay .. :p
    • eggson

      eggson Well-Known Member

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      The big question - will there be players on report, sin bins, diving and a ref stuff up????
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      • Ceagle

        Ceagle Well-Known Member

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        1. Tim Moltzen
        2. Beau Ryan
        3. Blake Ayshford
        4. Chris Lawrence
        5. Matt Utai
        6. Benji Marshall
        7. Robert Lui
        8. Bryce Gibbs
        9. Robbie Farah (c)
        10. Keith Galloway
        11. Liam Fulton
        12. Gareth Ellis
        13. Chris Heighington
        Interchange: 14. Wade McKinnon 15. Todd Payten 16. Mitch Brown 17. Aaron Woods 18. Matt Groat
      • jjai

        jjai Active Member

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        Lol i was reading it man, interesting atleast they rate us .. like the comment about our half back with the funny name he isnt 1st grade material :D, suppose if we were leading the comp after 20rounds then he would be hey .. :D 2nd just isnt good enough.. jerks..:p

        now onto page two lol..[hr]
        this guys signature also made me laugh a little..

        He'd still get picked for game 2 though. Even if he throws a dozen forward passes, trips over running out, forgets the words to the anthem, vomits on Ricky Stuart, punches a ball boy, concedes 15 penalties, and crashes the team bus on the way back to the hotel, he'd still get picked.

        - Yossarian on Ennis getting picked for State of Origin.

        lmfao :D
      • Berkeley_Eagle

        Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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        some of their ironstines ideas

        Work B.Stewart around and test his hammy .

        I still think they are vulnerable late in games fitness wise

        You beat Manly with your defence. They have not changed the way they attack in years.

        The halfback with the stupid name is not first grade quality.

        Get lote run over B.Stewart and snap his acl and provoke matai to get him sent off is a Start
      • DSM5

        DSM5 Well-Known Member

        +516 /0
        That's about the best side the Tiggers can put on the paddock. No scary stuff there. Hold the line, move up as one, and belt the ****e out of them. Watch the wide spread to Dacquari. Matai and Lyon will break them up. A win here.
      • Berkeley_Eagle

        Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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        TooQueery hasnt been named
      • Pride

        Pride Active Member

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        the cats cant defend. They are an attacking team which only sometimes goes well for them. If their attack aint working they can count on old farrah the diver to milk some penalties at the right times.
      • Wolfpack

        Wolfpack Well-Known Member

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        Hoppa is going to make Beau Ryan look like even more of a fool than he already is. In fact that entire Westy backline just looks awful, Chris Lawrence is the only player with any ability in there & he is coming back from a serious injury.

        Key for Manly in this one is to keep their cool IMO, can't get getting penalized 10 times a game. With Fulton, Farah & Gibbs in their team the tigers will have plenty of scumbags out there to try & get under the boys skin, love to see us put in their place, hard but fair. A few Matai & Foran shoulder charges won't go astray. Keen to see MB get up in Farah's face all game & really stifle the ruck play.

        Big shame T-Rex still isn't right, he'd be walking over these nancys' all day.
      • Peter C

        Peter C Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        Let's not forget the Tigers spoiled our year at the very first game last year when they came from an 18 point deficit to win and put Brett Stewart out for the rest of the year.
        This game really worries me, also the fact that it's away from Brookie.
      • codewana

        codewana Active Member

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        I read the first page of that link to their forums. Most of them are quite well spoken - especially considering they are Westies!
      • Brookvale

        Brookvale Well-Known Member

        +155 /1
        that looks like their full strength team apart from the wallaby predator Lottey Tikiri.

        Groat has some big wraps on him. Watch him explode in a few years time.

        Manly 1-12
        yeah read it their not too negetive given that their side has underperformed in season 2011. From memory they were 2nd or 3rd faves.

        i read the 5 most annoying players in the NRL link.

        They certainly do not like Anasta, Bird, Slater, Thaiday and Ennis. Luke Burt for some reason too?!?!?!

        Of the Manly boys its Matai, Choc and Snake that irritate them, haha.
      • chris_niko

        chris_niko Active Member

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