Rainbows,rubgy league, Roberts, religion...

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1)Sex and sexuality is a private matter for religious types, more to do with modesty.
2)Race is outwardly seen whether one likes it or not and most humans are mixed to a degree.(well technically all but not for me to decide)

Your line of thinking is like saying "every promotion is the same" just a different flavour so jump on board----people are entitled to have their own boundaries.

On top of that LGBTQ+ is such a fluid ever expanding label there are some letters that go beyond some peoples acceptance levels for starters along with it's leanings towards non binary promotions also.(it's more than just about sexuality and feels agenda driven to many)

I doubt you really want the "differences" explained though, i'm merely removing/addressing your "no-one has said boo" comment for the sake of doing so.
Hey TC - howya doing? I was just wondering whether you're saying that you think the issue the blokes that didn't play coz of the footy jumper, did so coz of their sense of modesty on sex and sexuality? Coz I'm thinking they just don't like the idea of same sex ..... sex. And I'm also not trying to make trouble but given @Andrew.. was talking specifically about the Inclusivity Jersey, it sounds like that's what you were responding to.

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