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I dont get it why was my post removed ?? i was only saying that im starting up a new Manly Website and yet for that my post has been removed. And just whats going on here are we all not Manly Supporters if so whats this crap?.
The post was a waste of space.

Why dont you post it again when the site is actually finished and you can put a link up.
I can't believe anybody has to explain it too you but I will.

Internet sites cost money. I won't go into detail what for but if you come here and advertise a site that may lure people away than the advertising hits go down and the site doesn't make as much money. Hence, the site will have to close and no one really wants that to happen.

Already it is running at a loss and we should be grateful to dan who keeps dipping into his own pocket so we may continue to dribble about insignificant BS on a daily basis.

That my friend is the most likley reason for your post being removed.
Im not trying to get anyone to leave this site ive been a passionate Manly fan for over 30 yrs now and i would never do anything to harm another Manly website . And while my website is not finished all i was doing is letting yous all know. Wheres the harm in that also i respect the fact that this does happen some times people leave sites for others for what ever reason. If you wish to think that this is my intension than one you dont know me and two your so wrong to think that way of me. When i first joined this site i was asked by one of the Admin of this site if i could put the word out to other Manly fans in other sites about this site. And yet when i tried to let everyone know someone removes my post talk about double standards there hey ?. Im sorry if ive done the wrong thing by this site after all how do websites get to be known by people if no one knows of it didn't this site get known by telling others.
We don't know you and don't know anything about the site. When you have it up and running contact Dan on this site and let him know your plans.

He may then discuss the matter with you. We are all Manly fans but the admin and owners of this site have a responsibility to maintain its integrity.
Just forget i said anything ill leave it at that.

Mate, don't be like that. Like others have said, once the site is up and running, let us know, and we'll take a look.
send me an email with the address when it is done we will discuss advertisement from there I guess
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