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Taking a look at our current poll, that's as an emphatic response as I've ever seen. Even the mischevious are not prepared to vote "no" (though I guess by saying that I'll put someone up to it.

I haven't heard that he is to receive a testimonial. Does anyone know if anything is being done about it?

If nothing else it would be a wonderful marketing coup. Beaver is one of the few "positives" Manly has to the impartial observer, and he's proudly North Shore.

I really hope that yet another opportunity is about not about to be missed.


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I haven't & do not vote in such polls. It would depend on who the benificiary of the testimonial was to be, if it were to be Steve directly I may build an arguement to the negative. Why not, I am a lone voice on most things in these forums in any case, why should this be any different.


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The obvious argument is he gets paid ****loads as it is.

Having said that I voted yes.


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But the supporters get a lot out of it as well. All the greats deserve a good send off. In Beavers case he deserves one.


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I didnt post that to start an argument Byso. as Pete said it would depend on the benificiary.

I think if there was some sort of charity of Beavers choice involved then its a great idea. Beaver certainly deserves an appropriate farewell.

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Knowing Beaver it would be a worthy cause. testimonials in previous decades used to be for the benefit of the player who in a lot of cases was not much more than an amateur.

As now most sports people in a high profile sport are handsomely rewarded, recent testimonials from my knowledge have benefited a worthy charity - eg Mark Coyne supported breat cancer from memory.

What ever way it would be a great way for the supporters and admirers of Beaver to show their appreciation for the many great moments they have enjoyed from watching him play in the M & W.

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I'd be very suprised if they did not organise something for Beaver.

As to whether he deserves to personally benefit (financially) from it than that is up to the fans to decide. If they have a testimonial and it's clearly stated that he is the direct beneficiary, then people can make a decision as to whether he is deserving by the level of support they give it. If you think he has been well compensated for his efforts via his salary then don't endorse it. Personally I have no problem with him getting a personal gain from it, as I am sure that his loyalty to Manly has probably cost him some money had he not opted out of a mercenary approach to his RL career. However I'd also be surprised if he did not do very well out of the Super League bidding war, when Manly were considered the flagship team of the ARL and ridiculous amounts of money were thrown at all and sundry.

I don't know Beaver personally, but my impression of the guy is that he would be likely to donate any proceeds to a charity of some description anyway. I don't think that he will struggle in his post football life, he is an intelligent, well spoken and a seemingly well adjusted individual . I doubt he will be the next Ray Price.

Does anyone know if the club has a history of organising testimonials. I guess recent history would suggest guys like Cliffy, Tooves and maybe even Dessie were deserving of such an honour, did it ever eventuate ?

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Not that I can recall, Bob Batty I know had a testimonal dinner (not sure if it was a 'year' though) but no one else has ever been afforded a similar honour as far as I know. I could be wrong though.


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Maybe a thanks giving dinner for zorba would be a good idea.

Thanks for giving us your resignation... :lol:


I think beaver should have anything he wants lol. The mayor's kids, the prime ministers job, the leftovers from dinner...... anything. The guy is an inspiration and has and will always be my favourite player to watch. Never made a cheap shot, his tackling style is the most copybook i've seen and the loyalty he showed (as chip and chase said) to manly when barely anyone wanted to be there is a credit to him. I hope he plays til he's 100 ;)

Go beaver, go beaver, go

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Bob Batty was a club legend - was fullback for years but was upstaged by a young replacement from Woy Woy by the name of Graham Eadie. Was a great goalkicker and very solid clubman. Solid as a rock!
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