[poll] How will you react if Manly re-sign John Hoppoate?

How will you react if Manly re-sign John Hoppoate?

  • I will be EXPRESS posting my Membership card back to the club!

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  • EXTREEMLY disapointed.

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  • Its not that bad...

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  • I was a hero and signed the petition to get him back!

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  • I love you John!

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Journey Man
Make that 4 votes. My boys will be disgusted too.

How do you explain to a six year old that this bloke is coming back after he has been told for the last 18 weeks that Hoppa is not playing becase "he is a naughty boy and bought disgrace on the club".
Reserve Grader
I cannot believe the bull**** on OEE and ME and how many morons want this fool back in our team. I am embarrased they are even considering it - Max Delmege has too much say in this team and it is scaring me. I was a fan of the privavtisation at first, but now I am having grave doubts.


I voted it is not that bad.

Mainly I dont have a strong opinion either way - I am more of a meh, who cares. We should win either way.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
i would have thought about sending my membership back if I had one.... lets just say I would be happy i am not a member
Premium Member
I think we have given him enough chances over the years, I doubt it disturbs me enough to send back my membership though. I would prefer to keep it and express my disspointment at the AGM.


First Grader
[quote author=Fro]
I spose I'll get up, have a cuppa and get on with life :)


okay would you prefer, wake up, throw the leg over, have a beer, kick the cat..............then get on with life??
First Grader
The thought that Hoppa might be reinstated disgusts me and should Manly take that step it would make us a running joke!!!! I can't believe that it is even being considered.
Reserve Grader
Blah doesn't really worry me. He will be playing for penuts and as far as I am concerned he is dispensable. Who cares if he gets another suspention.
i work in a club full of bongos supporters and for the last few weeks they have all just walked past me and laughed- today they just looked at me with pity
Premium Member
There are worse things in life than Hoppa playing or not. I don't agree but I will not lose any sleep over it either.
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