Photo requests, For AE members.

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I have built up a vast amount of photos over the last year I can't post them all up on AE i've got far too many. If there are any players that you would like to request pictures of. Feel free to PM me you're request or add it in this thread!

I'll add requested photos in a "2005 requests" section within the gallery.

Yeah cheers Byso. The one that is in the middle in the the photo bottom right on the wallpaper. Thankyou in advance.
Thanks that'll be sophie. I've got a couple photos of her. I'll put some up in the "request" gallery later.
Hi Byso,all your picture's are top notch.Best part of coming to work is being able to check out your latest post.I was looking at yuor pics from the Bulldog's game,and i noticed the blonde Bulldog cheergirl that you had pic's of actually works across from where i work at Padstow.Her name is Kristi,she is a lovely girl.She was shown on the friday night game last week after the dogs got their first penalty goal.She only works monday's & tuesday's.I have tried to get her to defect to the Sea Birds,but no luck....
Glad you like them mate, yeah she's a good sort as well. She would fit in well with the Sea birds I suppose!
What did I tell you Witt_is_Hot...... he has nothing on me :p

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