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I paid closer attention to this clown than normal yesterday. Unfortunately all it did was confirm my suspicion.s

He's a one hit-up wonder. The one hit-up looks great but then he just goes missing, unless he pops up somewhere giving away a dumb penalty.

Reminds me far too much of Princess circa 2004-2006.

Jatz Crackers

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He has had decent seasons in the past. One wonders if the current indifferent form might be due to culture and other factors at Newcastle.

He is 26 and been at started for Newy 7 years ago. It wouldnt be unreasonable to imagine a fresh start with a team on the up might do wonders for him.

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He did play Origin a few years back and has had some good seasons. A new environment and partnered with Kite could see him do well.

Would you rather Rose Mata?


Journey Man
Would you rather Rose Mata?

Clearly not. But its not an either/or situation. If we spend up on PErry we might have to forego some decent depth in the halves and/or a second row replacement for Beaver.


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We should get Perry cheap. Clean out from the Drugcastles. He needs to lose ten kilos which might, just might, make him faster and more interested.


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The 2007 Jason King is ten times better than Perry.

If we sign Perry then it is guaranteed that rispy Creme will set up a franchise outside Narrabeen for when he finishes training.


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I thought Goerge Rose had already landed off Knobby's Beach in Newcastle?

No that was Perry's ship on its way to Manly to sign the contract. It couldn't handle the extra weight though.

Greenpeace were seen on Nobby's beach on Sunday trying to roll Perry back into the surf.


I thought Perry was ok yesterday actually. Admittedly, I only got to see the second half... but I noticed he did one or two good things.

When Tuaki picked up that ball and ran about 60m to score Perry was one of the only two blokes chasing him down.. that was in about the 70th minute.. if he continues to show that sort of determination he might be an ok pick up.

I'm not his biggest fan but I'm willing to put it all aside to see how he goes with us.


Journey Man
He did do one or two good things Nutz - no doubt. But he also went missing for extended periods and made some dumb errors.


Yeah, as I said I only got to see the second half.

The dumb errors is something to be concerned about... I would expect a bloke who has been playing professional Rugby League for over 5 years only rarely make a "dumb error"

I'm trying to be positive about him although I am very aware of his ability. I'm just hopeful he picks up his act with a new club and a fresh start. There's no doubt he has potential, hopefully he lives up to it at Manly.

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