Paul Kent in trouble again

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bob dylan

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Both charged with affray. Really. It was a stupid dust up, happens everywhere. What a waste of the courts and police time. How about we concentrate on the rampant youth crime and out of control meth heads.

You are a man of of common sense and sound reasoning.

What the hell are you doing here.

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To be fair if there is a death in any of the circumstances you have identified they all would be investigated and potentially policed afterwards.

No legal mind here but I would think this is a classic case of making a point out of a high profile person to make a point for others
So is the bunker prosecuting. Sounds like there mission statement


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there was a stupid dust up at Unanderra Pub a couple of months of the people involved fell back, hit his head and after three weeks, his family had to turn off life support. It's for these sorts of outcomes that render Kenty's fracas as not being a waste of court and police time. It's a crime that can have serious consequences and its up to law enforcement to send a strong message that any kind of physical violence is not welcome in society.
Craig field

Terry Zarsoff

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Incoming NSW Origin Coach Madge Maguire Set To Inject Rozelle Paperbark Tree Into Blues PackView attachment 26893

I understand that Sea Eagles’ management are looking to sign up the tree before the 30 Jun cutoff/chop off date. They are impressed with the paperbark’s mobility, compared to many of our current forwards.

As a bonus, the coach can tear strips of him - at halftime or post-match - if he doesn’t perform. Thus sparing the feelings of his human teammates.
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Wonder why he wasn't in bad mental health during the recent DV mention of that....must be just a new thing.


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Those of us whom consume too much alcohol (subjective judgement) are usually avoiding, or numbing pain. At the end of the day, we need to face and resolve that pain source… Kent included. It’s unfortunate that part of Aussie culture glorifies alcohol and helps us avoid this stuff.

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