Paul Green has passed away


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To all my feathered friends

Keep happy , healthy , positive and optimistic
Be kind to your selves and be kind to others
Kind words @BOZO

You just never know what goes through people's minds... This is such a tragedy and so very sad. Thoughts are with his family.
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That somehow makes it even sadder, knowing he took his own life.

Such a terrible waste & his family will be devastated.


Let’s all have a chew!
Terrible news today and made more so with the information that he has taken his own life. There’s a lot of banter on here and sone heated stouches but in the end this is a community and times like this really put things in perspective. I hope everyone is managing this news ok or as best as possible. If not reach out and talk to someone. Same If you feel sad, lonely, scared or unsafe. Hope all fellow Silvertailers are ok. Thoughts and wishes to Paul’s family. RIP Greeny.

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It's very sad and just goes to show how good we (as men especially) are at hiding our feelings and frustrations. It's just not worth it fellas. We can only ever hope that when something like this happens the publicity may save someone else.

RIP Greeny


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Kind words @BOZO

This is so very sad and thoughts are with his family.
Thank you feathered friend as it takes a kind person to acknowledge Kindness

In regards to Kindness , Our Ego is its biggest Killer

There is a Big difference between having a high self esteem and a Big Ego that is out of control and out of touch with other peoples feelings and circumstances

In Regards to the very sad news for the Green the family ,

Their shock , trauma and tragedy is of overwhelming proportions
Their pain will eventually subside but their scars will remain always

We all have been scarred in this life and we should all be more of empathetic and compassionate nature
I can’t figure it out apparently he was getting on board the dolphins coaching staff to say he wasn’t involved in the game any longer & nothing to look forward to which can bring on possible depression.He had everything to look forward to you just don’t know what demons a person is hiding inside them so sad.
RIP. Very devastating and trajic for his family and friends. I think a lot of us know someone who has been afflicted or battling with mental health issues. If we can all take the time to reach out it could make a world of difference.

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Just very sad... seemed a genuine type of bloke from all accounts and should of had a long life after football ahead of him...

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