Pre-Game Panthers v Manly [Round 6, 2023]

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08 Apr 2023 05:30 PM

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This is a great test for us competing against a great team

Izack Tago and Stephen Crichton are a lethal centre combination
Two Slick centres with plenty of speed . Wink and they are in for a try

Their halves are clinical and make you pay for any lapse

And their pack are relentlessly Brutal and Bash their way to a win

We have to match them for Speed , Smarts and Strength
If we do not match them we will get burnt

manly al

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Not too sure how much Manly 's defence will have to improve to make a game of it but would say quite a bit , especially in the line speed department . If Lawton is included on the bench , how to use Weekes then and really has to be in the game day squad somewhere . Would be a bold move to start him in the centres instead of Harper but not sure how it would be a benefit to the side with him on the bench and then not likely to even give Croker a rest . Really could not see why he could not adapt to a centre role , quick enough to stay on either one of the Panther 's well rated centres . Good chance and off Schuster , being able to be put into some good attacking situations and being able to use his above average attacking ability . Taking the ball up for some ruck hit outs , still a fairly solid and definitely fit body to give it a go Harper may well or try to have a crack again but fairly predictable on what he may offer and realistically on the average side at present . Only two bigger units if both Lawton and Weekes are on the bench but with Weekes in the centres , could then have Fainu or even Sipley on the bench then . Bulemor can cover middle or edge if required .

Mark from Brisbane

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Hey Mark , I hope you are feeling well feathered friend

I am expecting a win against the Panthers . The Panthers may be Premiers but they are not unbeatable or perfect and have weaknesses like every other team and Smart coaching staff are able to sort this sht out

Looking forward to seeing the dynamic coaching duo Seibold / Flanagans winning game plan Because These are the type of wins that champion teams are made from

The game against the Panthers is a defining moment for us
A resilient win can Transform us into Respected Premiership winning Contenders
Yes mate pretty good , last blood test was very positive , I’ll know more in May when the next one is due.

I agree , the Panthers of 2023 are still very good but they aren’t the invincible Panthers of 2021.


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Yes mate pretty good , last blood test was very positive , I’ll know more in May when the next one is due.

I agree , the Panthers of 2023 are still very good but they aren’t the invincible Panthers of 2021.
Good to hear feathered friend
You have been through some tough testing times and so far so good
I hope our Manly team can display your resilience against the Panthers

I agree the Panthers may be a Great team but they are not Invincible and we are a chance of wiping them out this week

Every one gives them selves a chance when they get out of their comfort zone and push the Boundaries

What does Pushing our Boundaries actually mean ?
Pushing our selves to beyond our limits
Conquering our doubts and finding a winning way

Mark from Brisbane

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I just have this feeling that our team is going to put on a performance that we’ll be proud of this weekend.

They’ll know the mistakes from last week and this will be a real test as to if they can improve on them.

Those that made the crucial mistakes ( the stupid ones ) will have had them pointed out to them so I expect to see some improvements.

You’d almost say they’ll replace Tippytoes with Veaga , and looks like the Shoe is back but I imagine we’ll be stuck with Lionel.

The Panthers have two great centres , and excellent wingers plus Origin class halves so there’s going to be loads of pressure.

I think the game will be closer than many think , still can’t see a win , but also don’t see a thrashing.

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Anyone who is going to the game, where are you sitting?? As there is no away supporters I would like to be among some fellow Manly fans. I was planning on getting south hill tickets but let me know where you silvertailvers will be.
I'm going, Bay 13. Prefer seats rather than hill (it's an age thing)


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Seems the faders went well through the middle in their first half performance against the riff, then capitulated in the second half. If we play the full 80 well, there's no reason we can't win this.


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All I want to see is a performance similar to the souths game. If we lose by a try or less to this mob we will be a top 6 side. If they 13+ us it will be a different story.

I'd like to see Toff coming in for Ben T we need some size.

And can we sit paseka on the interchange bench during the warm up. Then we the boys run on give him a fake interchange card Because seriously his second stint is always so much better than his first.


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Both players a bit evasive about whether Schu is playing this week. Probably under instruction.
I guess we'll have to wait for Josh's brother to confirm he's in.



Don’t mind our chances this week. They have a few big forwards out and not quite the side they have been the last few years. We will be up for a big one after flopping through last week.
1-12 would be very tempting
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