Out of the mouths of babes.

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UFO Hunter
Whilst talking to my GF about football latley, (she tries to follow, and is getting there) I happened to comment to her about Monaghan situation and whats been going on. I then recieve the following reply:

if i were him and knew i was playing crap id be happy to go as hooker and give up captancy because like menzies it would give him a chance to sort himself out and become a better player.

Good I love her. :dance:


UFO Hunter
Sorry byso, I should have given her yours.

Monas is being completly screwed over by the club. If I were him id firstly slag the club off to the media and then go play in england after getting a release.


First Grader
There's byso's way and the wrong way..........

As opposed to the Matas / Sue / Vegas way which Moses brought down from the mountain with the ten commandments. :blaugh: :blaugh:


Journey Man
No. Mata/sue/vegas have been nailed to a cross for their views.

As a sometime student of theology Fro(in the form of Steve Taylor lyrics), you will know why we enjoy our persecution, expect more of the same, and take our role as modern day prophets seriously.

You can't put new wine in old wine skins.


First Grader
isnt that spelt Whine?? :)

next thing you know you'll be applying for refugee status, I hear Nauru is nice this time of year.

Martydom is so last century isnt it. ;)

and you could do worse than Steve Taylor I will admit.


First Grader
Hehe, not at all mate, just bored on a Friday afternoon.

You of all people should appreciate a little harmless fishing :)


First Grader
Its handbags at 20 paces now, lookout Fluffy will have a predictable comeback shortly now Ryan :)


First Grader
2:00 on a friday, depending if he hada liquid lunch, nah I think you'll be pretty safe

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
A piece of GOLD from a mates mum on Wednesday night.

1 of the NSW players was on the end of a wedgie

"Is that 1 of those crackle tackles" :D :D

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