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Des brought about some changes to try and improve our game - Beaver to 5/8.

I am wondering what others thought about the experiment. Defensively Beaver played three from the edge and in attack he played as a ball runner. We again lacked structure in our sets in their quarter.

Our attack was somewhat improved but it is still disappointing that our backs look generally impotent.

Stewart is an excitement machine and deserves every plaudit that comes his way. He almost singlehandedly pulled that one out of the fire!
he is brilliant to no way comparing them as players but i havent seen an eagle move so fluently and gracefully since fulton.


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He is one of the great finds and wrapping him up until 2008 was a master stroke. He could be with us for 10 years and be talked about in the same sentence with Wombat.


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I thought Steppa was a good experiment on the wing


Steppa is a good experiment full stop!

Stewart is the best "athlete" ive seen at manly since Dale Shearer.

Out attack is simply an issue because of our halves, again we struggle with structure, nearly every try comes from individual brilliance , which is cool if we had Lyon or Gaznier in the centres! unfortunately we dont, next year will be brighter with Orford and "RingMy" out wide. Ash always looks to beat a man which is awesome, he is playing far better than a bloke whos only played 5 games or what ever it is.

Steppa showed enough that he could become a solid no mistake winger, he isnt a centre.


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he wa very very very good under the high ball and the Cowboys had obviously planned their game around Donald being there because they kept kicking to that side and often kicked high


lets just say im glad Bell has signed.

Our backs are useless. I like Stewart and Hicks but the rest... meh..

Im not convinced on Alberts yet... Hill is past it.. Steppa was okay on the wing. Got caught out a few times..

We need to sign one more centre/winger for next season.


Kaza, be patient with Alberts, just remember Steppa etc after only 5 games in ones. I think Alberts i8s the goods, just needs some time and experience under his belt, will benefit from playing with orford and menzies, plus an off season on the weights, remember he was injured all winter this year.

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