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look on the bright side Mata, BK and Beaver where outstanding. we are privelaged to have them at manly.

as for queensland ???? isnt there another state who can give us more of a challenge next year??


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We do alright given we're just out of the stone age.

Good to see BK and Beaver in good health and Gower and Ross with at least corks.

Chip and Chase

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Should have been 3-0, they were lucky in the first one. If Johns had been fit and we didn't have to give that retard Kimmorely a go, we would have won easy in game one. As it was the ref helped them out to a nice start and we still run them down. Tonight was a fair indication of the difference in class between the two sides at the moment. No Price, no Webcke, no starch. Proliferated by a bunch of catty backrowers led by Crocker, who is easily the worst sport I have seen since Michael "3 Knees" Hancock.


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Looks like BK and Beaver came through well.

QLD are a joke NSW will dominate for years to come.


You needed Billy Slater.

And what is the point of having a player sit on the bench and then come on when the game is over. You might as well have picked a player you could have used, or used the player you had, especially when everyone was looking dead.


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As Gus said, lacking serious size in the backs. The speed and agility is there but one on on every NSW back would overpower his counterpart.

Bell for Bowman for 06.


Journey Man
QLD are a joke NSW will dominate for years to come.
The same thing was being said in 2000.

Qld do not have the depth of NSW and we lost, effectively, our three best front rowers.

I think you will find the average age of the Qld side is much younger than NSW and with BK gone next year, and quite a few of the other forwards getting long in the tooth, I'd say that comment is somewhat risky byso.

If Qld go with the following backline next year, and if their forward pack get on top, they will be hard to stop:



Journey Man
It was a great defensive effort by th blues early - must have gutted the queenslanders.

Crocker is a dirty f*ck and should be suspended for copping kennedy on the chin. He even thought it was a great idea to give Matt King a good push in the back after he scored his second. That and half a dozen grapples. Kennedy marked up on him and gave him some back.

I also thought Hindmarsh was awsome in defence especially when BK went off and fitzdribblin was leaving gaps up the middle.


Crocker was funny, could be seen arriving late all over the park ready to smash blokes, but the ball was already 2 passes gone! just couldnt handle the pace, he got joey once and joey just got up and smiled and ran off! too funny.

just on joey, 6 tries, six try assists,,,, now thats half back play!


I cant stand Crocker whoever he is playing for, he is a dirty player who uses his dirtiness to make up for his lack of skill.

Lockyer didnt seem to be doing much - we were running at him a lot. But QLD first 8 minutes of attacking our line was very one pass run then kick on the fifth. No real organisation or flair.

That was where the match was won, in that first 8 minutes.


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NSW selector Laurie Daley has warned against writing off Queensland as an Origin force next season after Wednesday night's comprehensive hiding - and the man to lead the Maroons revival may be Parramatta whizkid Tim Smith.

Recalling the manner in which Queensland came back from a series clean sweep in 2000 to win the following season with a new-look team of Origin rookies such as Carl Webb, Lote Tuqiri, Petero Civoniceva, Dane Carlaw, Brad Meyers, Nathan Fien and Chris Walker, Daley said the Maroons could never be underestimated.

Playing down talk of a Blues dynasty, Daley said yesterday he feared Queensland would rebuild in a similar fashion next season and nominated the likes of Smith, who will line up opposite new St George Illawarra halfback Chris Sheppard in tonight's match at Parramatta Stadium, as a potential new face along with Brisbane's Brett Seymour and Karmichael Hunt.

"They've [Queensland] shown over the years when people have written them off that they have a habit of coming back and producing something special," Daley said.


UFO Hunter
Not really mata. I think you can put that loss down to Lockyer playing the worst game i've seen him in.

In fact... did he play? Did I see him?

All the effort was there, the play making wasn't. Lockyers options at best were poor and looked to be somewhere else.


Journey Man
i had a bit of a chuckle everytime they said lockyer was the 2nd best player in the world - must have said it a dozen times, seems like someone was trying to save face.

You can never write the maroons off, who knows if price had been there they may have gone better. Lockyer did let them down a bit, thurston only really contributed in game 1. But i think they were beaten by a man on a mission - johns was awsome and probably should ahve got man of the series from just 2 games. DOnt know how minichello got it with a dozen errors, plenty unforced.

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