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How stupid by Burton. Refused to let go of a leg tackle on Parra's 5th tackle and gave away an unnecessary 6-again, which Parra scored from immediately. And TPJ is an absolute goose. Gave away a head high tackle when they had Parra pinned to their line, and then runs out of the line chasing Moses, leaving a huge gap for Gutho to score off. Idiot.

Uk eagle

I always find it strange that the monarchs birthday is a public holiday in aus and over here it's a non event. Not footy related I know!!

Uk eagle

Because last week I flew to Aust, NZ, and the UK with a usa stopover.

I visited the home of every single member.

If they weren't at home I asked their pet if the thread was missed.


18 budgerigars made fun of me - well they were chirping me, same thing,
12 cats looked at me in a condescending way, turned and showed me their butts,
4 kea's outsmarted me and I ended up doing their shopping for them,
5 tortoises said 'pull yer head in, ya drongo, while doing the same,
Ironically, 9 drongos told me to grow a thicker shell,
27 goldfish couldn't remember the question,
surprisingly, 2 sloths ran away,
3 dragons warned me that 'I didn't see anything',
6 Echidna's called me a prick,
22 dogs just wanted to know if they were a 'good boy or girl', and
1 wombat gave me a hug, proving once again wombats are the best.

- so that's how I know!


(Also, anyone can start a thread)
That definitely sounds like our cat so I'm willing to believe you. I apologise profusely for not missing the thread😉

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40,000 fans turn up the referee decides the 10m rule today is 12m to 15m rule. Which suits the Eels speed game no end.

And what's with the Eels scrum packing? They keep getting away with not having enough players packed in time.


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Double movement try awarded to the Slime no different to Sipleys no try. The script is already written for the Slime to make some miracle charge through the field to make the finals. We are no chance on Sat even if they trot out their reserve grade side.


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Back from The Kennel.

The most hated person at the Dogs is a toss up between Gould, Ciraldo, TPJ, Reed Mahoney, and Corey Waddell.

Fans demanding a re-rebuild without Guus or Ciraldo.
Whether it is a Kennel or a Nest

Losing sucks

and it sucks the spirit out of every club

Losing Sucks Winning Is Everything No One Likes To Lose And This Shirt ...

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