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For mine Orford played better tonight but he didn't do enough to make the NSW team.

Lyon was quiet at 5/8 and still hasn't hit his straps though I think he will picked in the Centre. At 5/8 he just isn't involved enough or give us enough options.

Of the others Kite is a special. Watmough is a rough chance of a bench spot and Bell is a chance for QLD, though Hodges and Inglis are likely to get picked ahead of him.

With Matai and Burns back, losing Bell won't hurt us as much as it might have.


Lyon and Kite for sure.

Monaghan, Watmough, Bell and B. Stewart very distant outside chances.

Orfords long kicking was a bit off but he didn't play poorly but he didn't do anything of note either, he's no chance for game 1.


Nope, orford didn't stand up again.. it'll be Kimmorley and Anasta.. i prefer Gower and Gidley but they haven't done enough now... kimmorley will be 7 and that means gidley won't get 6... it'll be kimmorley/anasta.. i'll bet whatever amount you can come up with.


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I wonder why the blues are going with a 5/8th from a team who has struggled to mount anything in attack this season.

Anasta is a lock, playing in 5/8th because the Roosters have no other option. The only time Anasta looks dangerous in 5/8th is when he takes on the line with his strength and offloads. Which in essence is the role of a lock forward.


Anasta has been the best NSW 5/8th this year.. that's why.

I don't want him too either but no one else has put their hand up.

Kimmorley/Anasta.. .get used to it.


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I don't think he has put his hand up as a '5/8'.

I believe he is playing a locks role with the 6 on his back. He gets the occasional good pass away.

Do you agree that Monaghan has played better than him this season?


Yes I do flip.

I will tell you right now that Monaghan has been the best NSW halfback in the comp and i'll also tell you that Anasta has been the best NSW 5/8th in the comp so far.. will they get picked.. it's doubtful.


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But while we say Anasta has been the best player with '6' on his back, there are two blokes in the '7' who have played better.

I know anasta will get the role but I would pick monas for 5/8th. You can't go wrong.

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