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Journey Man
It was interesting to note how most press outlets described the players caught in Cancun, in the Hurricane Wilma onslaught. It generally ran like this.

"Roosters centre Joel Monaghan, his brother Manly skipper Michael, Rooster turned Rabbitoh Stuart Webb, Manly's Jye Mullane and two other friends, names......"

A few observations:

1. Interesting that the Roosters' Joel is listed ahead of the captain of another NRL club who also happens to be the older of the two brothers.

2. Instructive to note that media know about Webb's movement in the off season but all get it wrong with regard to Manly's Jye Mullane. Have the media not caught up with the fact that he's been cut?

I think you'll find a few hints about Manly's media profile in there.

And does anyone else find it strange that our club skipper doesn't take a holiday with ANY player from his club?????????????


I also found it very strange that he would go on holiday instead of attending the club's awards night.

Was he the only first grade player not to attend?

The problems between him and the club appear to be still festering and it needs to be sorted out immediately or it will effect next season like it did the second half of this year.


First Grader
To be honest I have heard NOTHING from the awards night. Did anyone go to this Gala event?


First Grader
the award winners were posted, I think that is it. at least that is all I can recall seeing on the night.

although I dont think there is much more to be said, is there?


Wasn't he last years captain and they were awards for last years performances?

Not good for team morale for the captain to miss the night. Unless they know something that we don't?


Journey Man
Isn't there a GROUP end of year trip? Does he get on with the other players or what???


First Grader
last year the awards were in the auditorium after the last home game. This year I guess they saw it as a good opportunity to squeeze the public for $120- each person, we did "overachieve" after all.

The Wheel

Premium Member
Byso - you going to the seaosn launch again next year. I thought it was a pretty good night.


Journey Man
Wouldn't it be like the same old record you have heard for the past 9 years now?

Rebuilding / improvement / investment rah rah rah?

The Wheel

Premium Member
Yeah probably but that is counteracted by the cheer leaders and grog.

To be honest next year is probably the best side on paper since 1998 with orford and bell there. I still have nightmares about Danny Costellos, Adam Peters, Adam Browns, Mark Shipways, Grant Woodens of years gone by. No wonder we never made the semis.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
cc yes, he hasn't re-signed and rumour has it he is off back to the sharks


Wheel - have you worked out which good looking cheer leader you going to stand next to and get your photo taken at next years launch?

Surely this is your off season project in between ex-player profiles bringing up names like yorgen rogers?

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