NRL & Rugby League Off Contract Players in 2006

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I would love to see Fielden in a Manly Jersey. Add Lyon and a quality second rower and that would be sensational.

I hope that certain players got front loaded this year after the release of Kane Cleal, Sam Harris and Ashley Alberts - then we might be able to afford some of them.


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Add BK's leaving, Beaver possible leaving, and an increase of $700k in the cap, and you'd have to say we have a fair bit left.


if we can sign Karmichael hunt we will survive after menzies retires as we will have a khunt to take over from beaver

i was waiting for the Fluffer to contribute to this thread but i wasnt expecting that! :drunk:

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[quote author=Garts]
need depth robbiea, it would be crazy to get rid of all of those players and hope untried players from the lower grades make the step up.
kennedy,s going anyway ,willo,steppa ,witt, & dunley arent doing anything now-and never will.All the players i mentioned above are easily replacable AS THEY ARE NOT GREAT TALENT,bar BK.

Stephenson does nothing? He's scored 6 tries this year. That's 4 behind the competitions leader Steve Bell with 10 and a **** load more than Robertson's crappy 1 for the season.

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Welcome back Fonz - yes Steppa is going well this season. There is a struck match between him and Robbo. He ability to cover wing/centre is one of the keys to us going a long way this eyar


While robbo is not doing much wroing at the moment personally I would rather steppa on the wing for us as I can see other teams targetting Robbo with the high ball on our line.

Steppa has that extra height and is good under the high ball which will become more important at the end of year games.

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Stephenson does nothing? He's scored 6 tries this year. That's 4 behind the competitions leader Steve Bell with 10 and a **** load more than Robertson's crappy 1 for the season.

Hello Fonz. Where the hell have you been ? My busy season is just passing but ive kept in touch, (forum wise that is)

Pauline Hanson asks the eternal question........."please explain?"


Sign Jamie Lyon and Carl Webb then resign the rest of our off contract players maybe let go of tutt and if we sign webb we could lose lu lu although i do like lu lu


Confirmed for next season
Reni Maitua – Re-signed with Dogs
Michael Hodgson - Gold Coast
Shane Webcke – Retiring
Nathan Friend - Gold Coast
Matt Gidley – St Helens
Kurt Gidley – Re-signed With Knights
Anthony Quinn – Melbourne
Brian Carney – Gold Coast
Matt Sing – Hull
Travis Norton – Retiring
Matt Peterson - Gold Coast
Luke O'Dwyer - Gold Coast
Paul Stringer – Retired
Frank Puletua – Gold Coast
Luke Swain – Gold Coast
Preston Campbell - Gold Coast
Frank Pritchard – Re-signed with Panthers
Trent Barrett – Wigan
Luke Bailey - Gold Coast
Mark Gasnier – Re-signed with Dragons
Adrian Morley – Warrington
Ryan Cross – Western Force
Clinton Toopi – Leeds
Brent Webb - Leeds
Tony Martin – Re-signed with Warriors
John Skandalis – Huddersfield
Anthony Laffranchi - Gold Coast
Scott Prince - Gold Coast
Willie Tonga – Re-signed with Dogs
Simon Woolford - Dragons
Nigel Vagana – Souths
Greg Bird - Re-signed with Sharks
Lance Thompson – Re-signed with Sharks
Luke Covell – Re-signed with Sharks
Dean Widders – Souths
John Morris – Wests
Luke Burt – Re-signed with Parra
Clint Greenshields – Les Catalans
Justin Poore – Re-signed with Dragons
Sam Harris - Waratahs
Mark Bryant - Re-signed with Manly
Michael Henderson - Gold Coast
Justin Poore - Re-signed with Dragons
Ashton Sims - Re-signed with Dragons
Matthew Head - Re-signed with Dragons
Colin Best - Canberra
Anthony Minichiello - Re-signed with Roosters
Josh Hannay – Sharks
Jamie Lyon – Manly
Craig Fitzgibbon – Re-signed with Roosters
Nate Myles - Roosters
Roy Asotasi - Souths
Ben Creagh - Re-signed with Dragons
Adam MacDougall –Newcastle
Tony Grimaldi – Retirement
Jason Smith – Cowboys
Luke MacDougall – Dragons

Jason Croker – ESL
Hutch Maiava – Leaving Sharks
Shaun Timmins – Unsure as overseas deal has fallen through
Richard Vilasanti - Bulldogs

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