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Not Manly related


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Jul 15, 2004
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But did anyone watch the game last night? That poor bloke from the Warriors would be doing it tough today. He dropped at least 2 bombs which led to tries, plus a kick return, then coughed up the ball on his 10 metre line which led to another try.

I felt really sorry for him in the end, I was hoping the coaching staff were going to take him off. I can honestly say that he single handedly gave Parra the 2 points.


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Jul 15, 2004
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Actually here is an article from Chesterton.

Even Eels feel Vatuvei's pain
By Ray Chesterton
May 29, 2007

EVEN the most ferociously carnivorous of Parramatta supporters turned soft last night at the plight of New Zealand Warriors wing Manu Vatuvei.

Vatuvei had a game conceived in hell and executed as a nightmare in front of a TV audience numbering tens of thousands.

He dropped the ball six times, letting in three tries.

Parramatta wing Eric Grothe scored his team's final try after Vatuvei had dropped another bomb in a mid-air scramble.

When Grothe got up, he patted Vatuvei on the back in consolation.

It was both professional and sympathetic at the same time.

Players like to win but they don't like to see an opponent humiliated.

Vatuvei's display was the most painful taunting of a player's shortcomings since South Sydney's Steve Mavin had a horrific 16 minutes at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1987.

Whatever Vatuvei tried - apart from a 65-metre intercept in the opening minute - fell apart.

His uncertainty infected the whole Warriors side, and it imploded from its own shortcomings.

The biggest question of the night is why Vatuvei was allowed to stay on for so long when his morale had obviously plummeted.

Surprisingly, the Warriors defended better than the score suggests but the self-destruction they inflicted was impossible to overcome.

Parramatta was settled and composed by comparison, with Tim Smith moving the players around the field intelligently with his kicking.

Ahead 12-6 at half-time, Parramatta made all the running in the second half as the Warriors added to their reputation of dropping off the pace in the second 40 minutes of matches.

Parramatta, under coach Michael Hagan, is starting to find the rhythm that could carry it to the semi-finals and even higher.


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Oct 25, 2004
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I read that this morning and was a little bemused- 30-6 and he lost the game for them- poor bugger must have had a shocker

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Nov 12, 2004
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Felt sorry for the poor bastard, thought that lead commentator was woeful too, glorifying and hooking into him after every single error, even Daley seemed to be getting pissed off with him, they are there to call a game and offer opinion, not crucify a bloke

It was a vintage Warriors performance, and i think it is too rough to say he cost them the game. The only reason the Eels had the field position to put those bombs up was because of the terrible play of the team, who were giving away the dumbest penalties ever. They finished the game making 409 tackles, will never win making that many

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