Noahs Ark

Journey Man
We're talking fresh water, not salt.
We're talking sunshine, not immediate icing.

Have you read the specs of the boat in genesis? Apparently the design is very good and incredibly advanced for that age - even for many thousands of years later.
UFO Hunter
You are straying from the principal of the story now however if in fact you right then the whole story is full of crap. But the waters from the melting ice caps would have been salt water. However not at the same concentrations as now found.

Fresh water will still preserve timber as long as it doesnt dry but the water on mount ararat is Fresh (perhaps naturally recycled due to snow) and timber dating 3000 years has been found with inscriptions in it. Carbon dating was used to guage the age of the oak.

I think its a load of crap in reality, the pictures don't show anything rather than a large stretch of the imagination but its good to specualate on these things, its facinating.
Journey Man
Specs for the ark are at Genesis 6:14-16. I forget what a cubit measures but a google search will do the trick.


Kim Jong Dan
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It must also be noted that recent flaws have been found with carbon dating
UFO Hunter
It was measured in a different type of measurement, very weird indeed, but translated and calculated this program and from what ive read says it should be roughly the size of the titanic. Although with more height.
Journey Man
If the thing is claimed to be 3000 years old only then it's crap. Just more bunkum from the 6 day creation loonies.

Geographically this would have happened 10,000 years ago, not 3,000.

And if it was 3,000 years ago it was not melting ice caps, it would be "rain" quite literally - fresh water.

Also, the genesis account say Noah came out and the ground was "dry". That denotes two things:

Sun and warmth; and
No glacier.
UFO Hunter
Sorry, mata. I used the 3000 piece old timber to explain that it can be preserved. In fact the explorers who found it thought at first it was a piece of the ark but were later proven incorrect. I will post some pictures of the "So Called" ark which look nothing like anything more than the mountains rocks and snow. Other than that, nothing has been found around the area other than an old and assumed anchor rock with inscriptions on it. A large boulder with a hole in the top for a rope of some sort. Its a bit of a coincidence that if you look through the hole you can see the peak of mount ararat.
Reserve Grader
A cubit is from the hand to the elbow. Problem with that measurement is that it is wildly innaccurate.

Yes! I have finished one essay so I'm rewarding myself in thinking about... junk.

I thought Noah's ark was debated earlier... Anyways regardless of what has been found... a 'boat shape' means nothing. There should be more than just a wooden hull for a shape that size to be a boat. No reason why it can't be a cabin... or some sort of pagan temple. They have those in a variety of shapes you know.
It could be the 'ark' cause goodness knows the bible was written a long time after these things were meant to have happened. No-one can say when/where things truly happened. (for backup of this see earlier debates...) Cute tale though, especially when seen as Pink Panther cartoon.
Winging it
Back to the books for you my little cartoon :p %-6 :) !amazed
Me and Johnny ain't paying for your education if this keeps up. :evil:
(only joshing Hop, good to see you have time to add to the social dilemas once again)
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Ah, phooey!
I'm allowed. I don't socialise much at the moment so I gotta try and get SOME form of contact! LOL Better I'm on here than doing a little retail therapy, yes?
Damn, sometime the female thoughts get the better of me...
But I still don't like shopping for clothes & shoes OK?


Kim Jong Dan
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Ah, phooey!

But I still don't like shopping for clothes & shoes OK?

I can quite confidently say that as long as your name isnt Shazza, your not a toothless bogan, then that sentence should read...

"But I still don't like shopping for clothes & shoes YET"
Journey Man
of course as you wrote that Zap she was off doing retail therapy. Got a phonecall asking what she should buy.

Looks like its red dwarf 6 and Not the nine O'clock news 2.

At least she buys comedy for therapy
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Hey I decided I needed a laugh... and I didn't get not the nine o'clock news... too expensive. Found drop dead fred, Duckula & Lano and Woodley for around the same price (35 bucks all up)

And Red Dwarf was for YOU... so don't whinge Fluff.

And so ends retail therapy.
Tell you the truth... it's not the buying... it's the comedy at the end!!!
For most women... it's about the buying!

I'll never do clothes & shoes. I have a pair of hiking boots I live in and I don't like looking in the mirror when buying clothes... I have 2 corsets & a victorian skirt. I'm set.

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