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New Stat needed on NRL games

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by cherry_poppins, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. cherry_poppins

    cherry_poppins Well-Known Member

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    Meters after contact

    Starling would average about 1 and go back to reggies where he belongs
  2. HK_Eagle

    HK_Eagle Well-Known Member

    +1,595 /29
    I think today Kapow has made more meters after contact than before.
  3. cherry_poppins

    cherry_poppins Well-Known Member

    +1,297 /155
    This is really important
  4. Harvies elbow

    Harvies elbow I'm a country member....... " Yes we remember " Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +4,428 /46
    Sh*t 2nd half.
    Cartwright scratching his head like Stan Laurel.
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    • Terry Zarsoff

      Terry Zarsoff Well-Known Member

      +5,265 /89
      Too many meters and you will need someone to read them.

      Metres on the other hand...
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      • Jerry1

        Jerry1 Well-Known Member

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        Actually you can spell it both ways. It's the yanks fault.. They have a habit of changing ****...
      • Rusty Cage

        Rusty Cage Active Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +347 /11
        Meter Maid or Metres made?
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        • Terry Zarsoff

          Terry Zarsoff Well-Known Member

          +5,265 /89
          Either, or.
        • NYEagle

          NYEagle Well-Known Member

          +1,357 /84
          As long she is it hot I'll follow. @:p
        • wedgetail eagle

          wedgetail eagle Well-Known Member Premium Member

          +2,061 /11
          And, the metres are made by their feet, about 3.3 ft.
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          • Fluffy

            Fluffy Well-Known Member

            +5,050 /183
            I would like to see Subjective penalties - like ruck etc when the refs pick and choose what it acceptable.
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            • mozgrame

              mozgrame Well-Known Member

              +5,114 /51
              I hate when the refs decide to repack scrums. Like they mean anything. If blokes can't pack a soft scrum these days, just penalize them.

              The ref stands there screaming, bind, bind, get your head in there to a bloody fullback packing in at lock....nobody listens anyway, and the ball comes out and play goes on.

              Blokes crawling forwards or even walking forwards before playing the ball annoys me too. You see some blokes play the ball quickly, then step forward and push the marker aside. The marker then attempts to tackle the opposition dummy half, after being shunted by the bloke playing the ball, and gets penalized for not standing square. FMD! Use some discretion, refs!

              Andrew Fifita is as silly as a ball of string. A very large ball of string, granted...but only as intelligent as a regular sized, fat ball of string. That's nothing to do with anything. I just think he's a tool.
            • manlywarringah

              manlywarringah Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

              +1,074 /31
              I remember Trent Robinson mentioning some stats on metres after contact.

              I'd like to see that as a seperate stat.

              Josh starling is still good value for us as a bench or backup forward.

              Can't afford to have expensive stars throughout your squad. You need a couple of no frills workers like him.
            • Woodsie

              Woodsie played strong, done good.

              +7,971 /165
              About 5 years ago I used to have coffee with whatshisname and get inside info. I remember him saying that smoking Joe G. led the Manly forwards in metres after impact.

              So they were keeping those numbers and probably all teams do as it would be an important stat for coaches to improve on. The override of course is you don't want someone struggling for 15 sec's for one metre, when a quick play the ball would be better. It's a balance.
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