New poll - How should Matabele write?

Journey Man
Hey all

there's been some debate in recent days about the nature of my arguments. So, because I'm all about customer service, I'm giving you the opportunity to vote for what you'd like to see.

And this thread can be used for your comments.

Journey Man
I should add this is the only invite you're ever going to get to get stuck into me, so make the most of it!

Oh, and I don't think I'll do warm and cuddle very well by the way.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Comp 2021
i think a lot of people will vote for the "fun" of it in this one
I always like it with a healthy dose of scepticism & a sprinkling of sarcasm thanks Matabele :)
First Grader
I'll go for the mixture. Give credit were its due and subtly :O share your disappointment in your true fashion.

The "Bird" piece was top shelf.
Winging it
You should continue to write any way you like. (I doubt that any comments here are going to make you change to a 'new improved customer orientated' scribe :) ).

I have followed the banter on OEE over your removed articles at ME, bannings, IQ demographics etc. Don't take this the wrong way - you might need to tailor your thoughts to the audience you have if you want acceptance elsewhere. You can do anything at AE and you will get honest praise or criticism. This probably won't be the case at other forums.

I think you are too hard sometimes. Players and officails are people and I think you are in general too negative. However, I may miss a little bit of the humour occasionally but normally it is close to what I would do and appreciate, and there are certainly others who like it all the time (I too am a JJJ and CNNN lover). As for any future writings you have my support in principle and in practise to challenge us as you see fit. It's all good.
Journey Man
Write whatever - ill get stuck in either way - i have to pass the day away somehow.

I think your most recent articles have been accepted a lot more than things you were writing last year.
None of these choices...I have decided that the truth shall set us free.
If Manly play crap, then vent your splein
If Manly whip the Rorters, then I expect to feel all warm and fuzzy when perusing your article.....

This is a public forum. Good or bad, opinions are just that, nether wrong or right.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Comp 2021
well said cheech and amen borther

some caution does need tobe excersised for the over sensitive but still it is opinion based
Journey Man
my next article will probably be a warm and cuddly piece on Beaver. :O

But not to worry, there's plenty of venom left in the fangs should it be required.


Couldn't resist this once in a lifetime opportunity! !amazed

Mata - you are intelligent enough to answer this question yourself. It just depends on what audience you are writing for.

If you want to be a serious and respected writer then you may have to make a few minor adjustments - but I am sure you already know this.

Its a free world. I am sure that whatever you write it will be bold with a touch of controversy. Good luck. :D
Reserve Grader
Mb sums it up well, if you do want to get the inside articles (which i think you do ;) ) then you gotta tone it down a little.
No warm and fuzzy Mata, mate it's just not you :p
UFO Hunter
My how many critics we have in our midst. All of whom have written numerous articles for the benifit of our clus supporters of course.

I wonder why it is that every single person who visits a Manly Website knows who Matabele is?
They must have read an article somewhere along the line... so perhaps his mothod (getting as many people to read as possible- what journos jobs are) is working.

Dont change a thing mate. Those who appreciate a hard hitting article have grown fond of your work. Their is always criticism, their is always praise, but if you change their will be a demographic of manly supporters missing out on what they love to hear... the reality of how their club is travelling.
Journey Man
Flipper always springs to my defence (and it is appreciated). ;)

However, a wise person did suggest I should use my "powers" for good and not for evil. That still gives me a pretty broad specturm to work within. And believe me, if we get lapped by 60 points ever again, I'm not going to sugar coat the experience.
UFO Hunter
You already write with that style. The difference being that your possitive views are not served up with a marrige proposal to Menzies or the want for a romantic dinner with Randal. Their is always an air of reality and its this style which really makes you think about our situation. If I want to praise a player like many want you too, ill personnally write a love letter. If I want a realist who says how our team is traveling as it is, without any rossey tint, Ill read one of your pieces.
UFO Hunter
Then again, Im just another one in your conga line who is incappable of independant thought or decision making.

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