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The Wheel has been hard at work writing articles on ex-players for us.

You can find these at

He has been doing a tops job and I invite everyone to write some of these up and submit them.

Thanks wheel!


Good one on Snoz Wheel- he was my favourite player and the reason I have no. 4 as my favourite number.
I cried when we got beat by Illawarra in that last game of the season- not so much because we were out for the year but because it was the last time we would see the legend grace us with his presence at Fortress Brookvale.
I used to practise his trademark chip and chase all the time but could never pull it off in a game.

The Wheel
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No problems - I have a couple more in the pipeline which should be up in the next day or 2. If anyone has any requests for player profiles let, jot the players name on this thread and I will see what I can do.

The Wheel
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Will do PJ - keep an eye out for them :D

Fluffy - like many others on here spelling is not my greatest attribute. :twisted:


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There used to be a comp at uni - basically it went whoever used the best mostess made up word in their thesis presentation won a case. This speech was an entire 2 credit point subject and went for 30 mins


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Crusher, Bill Hamilton, Ian Roberts, Wombat, Mal Cochrane, Kevin Ward and I know I am getting greedy. Top idea. :clap: :clap:

Kiwi Eagle

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I would put my hand up to do Frank Stokes,but was too young to see much of him,but he stuck in my mind !

The Wheel
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I will do my best I have also a few requests by Email for Bernard Dwyer & Neville Elwyn.

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Bruce Walker was someone I thought was great and Johnny Gibbs was superb with his socks down.

Ian Martin and Dale Shearer are two of my all time Manly favourites.

The Wheel
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There is another one on Dave Brown - it has a bit of a Matabele's 'hard edge' to it!

The Wheel
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For those Stuart Davis fans out there - his should be going up shortly.

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