Nearby residents- Brookvale Oval

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Is it just me or are the residents near Brrokvale Oval being a little selfish when it comes to sporting fixtures at Brookvale Oval. The oval has been home to the Sea Eagles since 1947 and thus has staged top tier rugby league fixtures for over 60 years. Why then, do residents feel they have the right to complain about the level of noise etc. that is made when a game is hosted. My argument is, if you dont want to deal with all the after effects of a manly game, dont buy a house next to the ground! I know this may seem like a simple notion, but it is similar to that of the people who bought/constructed apartments next to Luna Park and then complained about the Big Dipper. It may also be the case that the price of the houses may be lower than otherwise due to their location to the ground, thus by paying a cheaper price you forgoe any rights in regards to the ramifications of disturbance caused by a rugby league game. As one member of the residents commitee put it, ``If it is a Friday or Saturday, you can go somewhere else and escape". What a ridiculous comment. Those that live close enough to the ground cannot claim to be stupid enough to realise when they bought/built there house that they did not notice the 20,000 capacity rugby league ground nearby and therefore did not take into account the possible consequences of this.

Is it just me or does anyone else think the residents are way out of line with their near impossible demands?

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I can only imagine that there are certain supporters that make it unpleasant but you make a good point. Traffic for a while is bad, no parking out front and people walking past. However I lived in a busy school for a long while and you knew what you were going to get and so you catered for it.

As long as patrons don't spew in front lawns or make too much noise I can't see the fuss.


They're turds.

I don't understand how they even get listened to by anyone. The ground has been there longer than they have, so they should have no rights.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
The sad thing is these days is that the tree hugging, tofu eating, sandal wearing brigade tend to win these things

Was a classic case over here couple of years back. Western Springs is a famour speedway over here, been running since the 1920s, running 20+ meeting a season, and the residents group around there nearly got the thing shut down permanently, coz of the noise every 2nd saturday in summer.

as it is now, they had a compromise, and they are only allowed to run 12 nights, not allowed to go past 10pm and the noise has to be below 100 decibels. What a bloody joke.


Journey Man
People like these are oxygen thieves and they need to be starved of oxygen.

It's a shame the Manly Daily gives a voice to 10 or maybe 20 self-absorbed idiots rather than to the thousands that regularly attend games and boost the local economy.

Seriously, I'd love to know where some of these twitts live so I could give them something genuine to whinge about when I next visit Sydney.

Round-up is a wonderful thing.


The folks at Luna Park had a legitimate beef, I think. They were promised certain limits to noise, rides, and so on - so they bought their units on that proviso ... but then the park/council went and changed things on them. It's all about expectations.

I don't know anything about the residents complaints, but I doubt loud music and Goldman have been bellowing since '47 (not that I've got anything against Goldman - he was disturbingly quiet on Sunday due to some comments in the paper calling him an "over-zealous ground announcer"). There may be old folk who have lived nearby a long time and maybe things have got louder in recent years.

But there still would be people who have moved into the area recently, with full knowledge of the park, yet not realise the level of noise or effect it has on them until their sunday is regularly disturbed. It's a tough one. I personally don't see the need for much noise except the crowd.

As for after-game noise like car horns, I think that's a fair complaint. I think the club and the police could tame that with a friendly reminder, and the odd fine - I think it is illegal to toot without a reason. I'm inclined to get carried away after a win, especially 6 in a row, but it's really not too civil when you think about it.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
3 People managed to get Luna Park closed. It just happened that one happened to be a well connected architect who used the media well.


Journey Man
Fer goodness sake, there are 12 home games. What percentage is 12 of 365?

They are precious nongs.


Journey Man
But considering it only takes a few hours for a game to take place the impact on their lives is far below 1%.

Maybe I should agitate to get the unnoficial west/north bypass that has sprung up on my front doorstep closed. It has far more impact on my quality of life and the safety of my children.


UFO Hunter
Its ridiculous.

If you can't handle people enjoying themselves at a sporting event, in a sporting facility for 5 hours a day, 12 days a year than you may as well not have been born.

Have people not got anything else to complain about? Or do they just think the world is their to be molded to their stay at home and do nothing life style.


Winging it
It's a shame the Manly Daily gives a voice to 10 or maybe 20 self-absorbed idiots rather than to the thousands that regularly attend games and boost the local economy.
The Manly Daily has turned into a joke of a paper. On one hand they support every NIMBY action (the latest is that $4M is spent of rate payer's money buying 2 blocks of land to please about 10 people) and on the other are in the pockets of real estate interests and champion illegal short-term rentals to tourists in blocks built for owner/long-lease renters. I think they must be involved in designing the Don't Do everything signs springing up on every street corner. Shut the rag down.


Journey Man
I saw how they're buying Betty Cuthbert's house so they can have a beachside park. Expensive bloody park.

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