More speculation about Monas/Orford

First Grader
Both Sunday papers carry stories about Monaghan and that Manly is chasing Orford, along with several other teams, including the new Gold Coast team.

One paper even hints that Chad might be walking and that Monas would make a very good hooker. Interesting days. Story in the Telegraph about Monas having two weeks to prove himself does not paint the club in a good light.

Hope this Monas thing does not derail our campaign this year. No matter your opinion he is a number 1 man at the moment and he is playing as if distracted. Hope his mind is on the job today and that he is composed rather than trying too much! Gower and Preston will be a good test.
Journey Man
Theres no way i would think its helping his game - but he has performed under the pressure of captaincy. I hope he plays his heart out and forces them to think about it.

As for the stories, i wouldnt be suprised if their origen was ME or LU or somewhere like that


The handling of the Monaghan issue is a disgrace. Simple as that. I've bagged club officials on ME though wont do it here.
he showed guts today but that is not unusual.was pretty mixed with a few mistakes for the first 50 but hung in well like the rest of the boys.witt and monaghan's second half tries showed a lot of strength and got us on the road previous years we would have got nailed by 50.

i couldnt believe how tired penrith got late in the second half after they had 60% of the ball in the first.they have simply got too many big men running one out.very strange fall from excuses for them-that was virtually their best side given that puletua is out for season.they are GONE and will not make the 8.very disappointing football side-not that i give a toss.

we must start better against the filthy roosters.cant wait.surely friday night owes us one by now.
Journey Man
completely agree.

Monas played a good second half - along with witt.

The panthers looked like they had all backed up from origen.

Looks like the fluffy factor will be tested on friday - we should win though ;)
First Grader
Manly Backer and a few of us were running a Monasmeter today on how much we should pay him.

After a few mistakes he was down to a 100k, after his try assist he got up to 250 k and it went up and down from there. He is tough and certainly did his bit in defense. What deficiencies he possesses are not his fault and he bleeds for the team - he just doesn't seem to have the vision that is needed to keep driving the team around the paddock for 80 mins!

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