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Manly captain Michael Monaghan is embarrassed by media reports on Channel Nine last night that he is set to join the Sydney Roosters.

"I don't know how many times I have to say it but I have signed a three year contract with Manly and I don't want to go anywhere else to play.

"First it was Souths and now it is the Roosters - I am sick of the rumours and I ask supporters not to react to them.

"I am happy at Manly, I am honoured to be captain and I just want to concentrate on helping the side make the finals. It is an exciting time for the club and constant speculation about my future simply takes away from the goal of the entire club.
"I am sick and tired of the speculation and I am sure my team mates are.

"As captain I try and make myself available to the media but this makes you think twice.
"We have a vital game against Newcastle on Sunday which is all I am thinking about in terms of football. I don't have contractual issues to think about because I am happy where I am - I am not discussing anything with any club - I can't be any clearer than that," Monaghan said.'s like the Neverending Story.

Maybe The Nothing will come along and play for The Roosters.
I am sick of the sh*t going on about this. Somebody has an obvious agenda to destabilise the club an its players.
Notice how his "media release" hasn't been picked up and reported by any media.
Funny about that C & C, I wonder if the media has ignored it or the release has reached the right people.
This whole saga about Monas contractual negotiations and speculation about his future at the club has got a bad smell about it IMO.

I can only draw two conclusions from it

1) There is some basis of truth to it


2) Someone is attempting a smear campaign to destabilise Monas personally, or Manly in general.

If the rumours about him joining Souths and/or Easts are so blatantly untrue, why aren't Richardson and Weidler being reprimanded for their "stories".

I don't know what is going on, but it is embarrassing.
Show me any day of the week where outsiders aren't trying to run a smear campaign against Manly and I'll show you a bridge enjoying harbour vistas for sale.
We weren't after Orford prior to June 30 according to "manly management"!! So was told to the press!
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