Michael Witt

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I have heard very varying comments concerning the contribution of Witt.

Some think he is superb and others rate him as ordinary.

Interested in other thoughts.

I rate him as A in defence, B+ in goal kicking, B in general kicking (A yesterday) and B- in attack. (I think he will improve!)
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Kim Jong Dan
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A and B in defense?

I think his defense is A and attack B to B +
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I'd give him a b+ overall. He is improving with everygame and he offload very well. He's tough and is happy to run the ball.

Witt and Monas a a good combination.
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I don't know why people think he's been ordinary. I think he's an awesome player and fitting into the number 6 jersey well. Just remember he was a halfback when he was with Parra. I know the positions don't seem much but going from halfback to 5/8 is pretty tough and I think he's doing an excellent job of it.
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I'm happy with every player. Witt has really started to get it together and his defense is great - he is very tough. I can't wait until Friday night. Bring the pretenders on.
UFO Hunter
Can anyone spell: Hospital Balls?

I know he hasn't been playing terribly. I am not on his case over anything, I think he is doing the job as monas bitch quite well "but" I do think he lacks a lot of strike power when he takes the ball to the line. Both he and monas throw numerous hospital passes but on a lot of occasions the same play results in line breaks or tries. I just think we need to learn to take the good with the bad and be greatful for a win. Not every play will result in something spectacular but I havn't really heard anyone being too critical...
His defence is superb. I thought his attack was alot better yesterday as well, and overall thought he had a better game than Monas.
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Getting better every week, Very hard for any player to slot in and set the world
on fire.He and Monas are steering the ship.How good is Dunley out of dummy
half and in broken play, gets the side rolling.


Kim Jong Dan
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Dunley is one of the best in the game running from dummy half
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Thought Matai has really stepped up.a little in front of Stevo,
Interesting to see what Dessie gunna do when Tessa's back.
looking pretty solid.
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Witt is going OK, however I don't feel overly confident in his ball playing ability. He hasn't shown me that he has full control of our attacking options inside opposition 20m. There seems to be a lot of headless chook plays in him. Sure he scored a try yesterday, but I think any number of players would have found their way to the line in that situation. He does put a lot of pressure on his runners at times. I think his attacking kicking game needs improvement big time. I will say that he seems to be improving, and I'm hoping that he will keep learning. Confidence from winning games will help in this respect, but I worry about how he will go against sterner opposition. The Broncos game will be a big litmus test for him.

Also if you look at the other 5/8's in the comp, would you pick him over them given the choice ?? IMO

John Morris - Yes
Benji Marshall - Probably Not
Jonathan Thurston - No
Preston Campbell - No
Adam Dykes - No
Darren Lockyer - No
Scott Hill - No
Jason Smith - No
Kurt Gidley - No
Braith Anasta - No
B Walker / J Sutton / T Polglase / whoever is fit this week - Yes
A Roberts / C Wing / C Flannery - No
Trent Barrett - No

Do we have any other options though.....probably not. While we are winning we can't complain, I just feel like there is some room for improvement.
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Your saying Witt's kicking game is bad!?!?! Are you sure you've been watching the same games as I have?

It's crazy how every is thinking Witt is average, he's going great at 5/8 and him and Monaghan are really getting into their work. His attack over the last 2 weeks has been awesome and I think we are looking at more to come.
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