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Just on thread to discuss Monas and his situation at the moment
Further information at http://www.sportsnews.com.au

rant over

Haig already put one up!
byso, he put a sporsnews one, I put our own with a link to the SN site, I put some news on teh front page pointing to this forum post so everyone can discuss it from there.
Aside from my thoughts being censored from pillar to post, all I have to say is that I will be most bemused and dissapointed if Monas doesn't win himself another contract.

They said he was on trial, correct? Jeez it's a hard club to crack into if you play a MoM performance in your trial and still don't win any praise from the ones that matter.

I'm seriously starting to pray that this is all a coverup, and that Manly have promised Monas certain things (captaincy, hooking role etc) and asked him to wait until after the June 30 deadline so that they can talk to Orford as well - with the hope of having them both. But that either way, Monas will have a contract. Or something. God I hope management has something up their sleeve.

Monas tackled his bloody heart out there last night, put in a bunch of crucial kicks and captained Manly to their biggest win of the year. He looked like he had a f*cked shoulder for the last 60 minutes of the game, but he still kept getting in there and making the toughest tackles.

Don't force him to wear red and green next year Manly. Just don't do it.

I was going to become a member in the next few weeks,but am seriously reconsidering that now after this.

I would have accepted them saying 1 month ago "We don't want you" but to string him along,feed him **** and then tell him to piss off,is not good enough,and I have no respect for our management at all at the moment.
unbelievable , Its the Paul Vautin Situation all over again , they are just gonna keep putting him off till after June 30 , Wasnt the whole plan to build a team around Monaghan ?? wonder how many other teams would let there Half and Captain go while they are running first ?
I think it is ****ing ridiculous. Half way of the season and we are right at the top instead of slumped at the bottom. Who is the captain that took us there? The man that they aren't in a position to convince that his efforts are worthwhile and has a place in club.

Monas' manager Banaghan is an absolute clown and if anything is destroying the possibility of him staying it is him. His quote in this morning's paper "The club put the hurdles in front of him and asked him to jump them and he flew over them. I suppose he could try his luck at climbing Mt Everest unaided now, but they didn't ask him to do that, so he'll leave it alone". Sheer ****ing dribble of the lowest order and hardly conducive to assisting with an offer from Manly.

I think he is great club man and he should be found a spot. This is very poor news and threatens the balance of the season.
MB,Banaghan is 100% correct in that assessment though. he did everything asked,and we still gave him the arse.

If you want to blame anyone,look at the club management,not Banaghan
Don't agree KE. All his statements over the last 3 weeks have been inflamatory and he probably single-handedly sank the negotiations. Time he took off his face paint and became a human being.
There could be some points there MB

But we still told him to perform for 2 weeks,he did exactly what was asked,and we get rid of him.
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