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Well its almost a month now and i still havnt got and member ship details - not even a letter giving me approximate dates or confirmation.

The only reason i know they recieved it is that the money was taken from my account - otherwise it could have been lost somewhere and i would never know

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I don't want to be harsh about the membership drive and that certainly wasn't the intention of my post - just to inform that there had been a hold up. These things happen all the time in business! Most important is to get it right, though it would have been good to have the stuff on time.

It seems that problems with an outside party has meant a hold up and I can see why they have delayed sending the packs out. Silly to send one bundle out and then resend another a short time later. At say $5 postage per pack that is $5000+ in postage to get it out and then be faced with another mailout at greater cost. I would rather the club save the dough which is basically a big part of the membership. I regularly do mail outs to 400 people and it is a massive effort of a whole lot of staff (unless you outsource the task which costs lots!) We often have to wait several weeks when printers and other third parties don't deliver.

It has been said that it may have helped for the club to announce on a website that the membership packs were due shortly. That is exactly how I discovered this news. You can hardly expect the Manly Marketing manager to come to AE to make the announcement as well (though he would be welcome!!!)

My sense is that the marketing of the club is in good hands and time will prove this correct.


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I reckon you are looking for a new job CW :p :p Time's a ticking and we are all getting older.

This is going to come across poorly but here goes the soapbox anyway. First rule of being successful is making good when you fail to deliver - no matter the cost. It also incentivates to get it right next time. Remember that ME had the link for membership with the 2004 form in February! The 2005 version should have been up there in November. To be seen and talked about in a positive light takes planning, commitment and delivery. I hope you are right but I am not holding my breath.


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I'm have been holding my tongue.

On the surface this does seem to be bad customer service and poorly delivered. I think we can probably all think of ways that would see the membership marketed - though we don't know what marketing budget they're working within.

However, I'm sure Cliffy GC would tell you that if you fail to deliver a pizza on time or if you deliver the wrong pizza, that there are ways and means to make this up to the customer in such a way that they'll forgive the mistake and become even more loyal.

This area is the responsibility now of Philip Dean. He seems to have his head screwed on from the dealings I've had with him. Therefore, I'm essentially giving him the benefit of the doubt. We might all be surprised with what comes with these membership packages and end up agreeing that it was worht the wait.

We'll see I guess.


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I actually thought they forgot that I payed for membership. Cause it was only $80- bucks, I didn't give a ****, but if everyone elses is held up too, there may be hope for me yet !!!

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