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Saw this tonight on ME forum:

The membership packs have been held up due to problems with the artwork on the cards. The club hopes to have them out shortly after Easter.

Philip Dean apologised for the delay!!!

I am sure they are worth waiting for. IF YOU HAVEN'T SIGNED UP GO TO ME AND JOIN UP!!!!! :clap: :clap:

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I wonder what number the membership drive is up to. Hopefully some good form from the team will see some more fans put their money where their support is.

It is incredible that AFL clubs have huge memberships but this is something that has never taken off in Rugby League.


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I phoned the Football Club this morning to see what was happening with the membership cards / packs & was pretty much told the same . I'm curious to see what the members caps are going to look like & how the hell are they going to mail the team poster out to all members . I grabbed a few at the Open Day & must say it's the size of a small table cloth.

Anyone else notice Chris Hicks in the team photo , doing his best impersonation of David Brent from The Office ( UK TV Show )


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Surely most would have joined up already.

AE posters own a small slice of the club ;)
christ thats scary byso :p

I couldnt be bothered sending down the cash, ill pay it in person next week it will give me an excuse to go to our new headquarters while im down there.


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Me too. I only recently became a member, so am looking forward to seeing what number I get. I hope it's an even number, otherwise I won't feel organised & structured.

I need to get a life ! !dodge


Souths have about 6000....apparently

That number could be right as I tried to get my little brother a season ticket for Souths ( long story, don't ask !ill ), and they said he had to be a member with the Football club in order to get one.

The season ticket was $180 alone, then on top of that you have to pay another $30 for him to join the football club whether he wants to or not.

Needless to say he ended up with a couple of games for his PS2 :lol:

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Our marketing seems to be a lot better than that.

I am wondering if the club would allow a link to this site with membership applications attached. Even a few more members might be worth it. Maybe Zappa could ask?


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I am not so sure either. Don't get me wrong - I love our club, but they really are a mickey mouse operation sometimes. Why is it that the membership packs are delayed? They offer 10% discount to members on merchandise and the season has started! Have they put out a statement saying sorry and doing something about it? Even the fans day had a lot of disappointing aspects in the way it was run. I am going to stop now as there are so many examples and I don't want to publicly run them down (too much :roll: ). IMO when you align yourself with another organisation they have to deliver.

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