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Here are some player snaps from last night's members bbq held at Brookie Park.










This one for Mata's bedroom wall.



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I was there and it was fun. At the Q & A session after, Dessie answered my question as to 'what was with the slow starts' reasonably well. All seemed pretty positive.


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DSM, Can you give us a more comprehensive run down in what was spoken about?

Did he mention "over achievement" ;)

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DSM5, I missed thei night as I was sick. Was there anything of great interest said or asked. A brief report would be appreciated.


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OK. The sausages were crap and there was no butter on the bread. The players ****ed around kicking a soccer ball which to my mind reeked a little of stretched hammys but no one seemed to care about that. They then played some sort of 'throw the ball around' and then joined the couple of hundred? fans on the side line. All players signed jerseys etc and all were really nice about it. It seems that this sort of loose training takes place up to 48 hours after the game. More strenuous stuff is left tilll later when their bodies have recovered. BK looked stiff and didn't join in any of the 'training'. Said he definitely wouldn't play this friday and was going to live in Qld next year. Burns confirmed that he had rolled his ankle and he'd be right for friday. Matai seemed to have an ankle injury and didn't hang around for 'training'. Rose was a hit with the fans, very nice sort of bloke. Then on to the Q & A. I asked about the slow starts. Dessy said it was an area of concern and that it might be a hang over from 'old culture' days (didn't elaborate). Interestingly an old guy with an even older jersey asked about having a specialist penalty kicker or of training one up. He was sick of penalties only being kicked ten metres or so instead of forty. Des said the taking of a quick penalty was aimed at getting quick play happening but it was maybe a good idea. He said that we were a fit side and burnt other teams in the second half. I thought it was good that Des was coaching my footie side instead of teaching my kids, but that's another story. I think he's due for a knee reconstruction in the off season, his legs looked ****ed. Their was general talk about giving the young guys a go to fill places in the next year or two. I raised Matai's defensive lapses and was assured that they were being seriously addressed, that he was young and that bad habits were difficult to get out of a guys game. I helped a fan from Canberra get all the signitures he wanted on his shirt and didn't advise Brett Stewart to have a shave. One interesting thing was that most of the players have skinny legs. I didn't want to raise this at the Q & A as I thought I'd be thought of as a 'weird guy'. Hope this answers all your questions.


hahhaha cheers DSM5!!

Hopefully BK is about to become my neighbour :D

I guess that rules him out of any sort of coaching job at the club next year! I was saying in a thread a couple of weeks back my mate saw BK at Brissie airport.. must have been looking for property.. he can have my place if he wants??


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Good work DSM, apparently not many people went to the meeting with Dessie. How many do you think went to that?

Did anyone ask if Hoppa was coming back? :)

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Nice report DSM, any one ask who is going to replace BK or are there any other recruits on their way?


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Reply. No, nobody mentioned Hoppa, although I did see a banner saying 'bring the god back' last Sunday briefly hanging from the Arthurson stand. 'Overachievment? nah, nobody mentioned that, we are arn't we?. There were about forty people at the Q % A. Dessie had his assistant there who seemed like a likable guy. Also present were the sports science guys. It seems that our players are tracked by a satellite so the club can get stats on movement etc. Very cloak and dagger. Is that as intrusive as waking Pritchard up at 5.00am? This old guy with the old gursey intrigued me. The gursey was maroon with a small white eagle middle breast with MW stenciled on it. Original? We all must have a dinner or something at the end of the season so we can recognize each other at games and functions. I felt like some other bloggers might have been there but didn't want to sidle up to anyone and ask for the secret handshake.


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As well, I was sitting next to this guy at the Q & A who told me that one reason we haven't recruited in the older age range of established players, is that we've bought quite a few very good younger players, and with the younger ones we have, they would look elsewhere if we constantly recruited established older players. He pointed out that the OX and Bell and Beaver are getting long in the tooth so there will be opportunities for these younger guns to compete for theire spots in the coming seasons. Sounded logical. He also said theat Cuthbertosn would definitely get his chance next season and that he seemed happy with that. There you go.

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