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LU Forum Sevens Best and Fairest:

Here's the Leader board after Round 1:

[figures in brackets are number of matches played]

3 points -
chriswalkerbush (Dirty Reds) [1]
Kris_man (Raiders) [1]
Bubbles (Easts) [1]
melon.... (Easts) [1]
Mzilikazi (Rhinos) [1]
SirShire (Sharks) [1]
Godz Illa (Pirates) [1]
Goleel (Eels) [1]
eloquentEEL (Eels) [1]

2 points -
thickos (Raiders) [1]
nqboy (Souths) [1]
Willow (Bluebags) [1]
MysteryGirl (Bluebags) [1]
PK (Lions) [1]
Thierry Henry (Pirates) [1]
Azkatro (Panthers) [1]

1 point -
Clevo (Souths) [1]
Bartman (Rhinos) [1]
Ibeme (Rhinos) [1]
Wal (Bluebags) [1]
Parra_panther (Lions) [1]
Prince Charles (Pirates) [1]
greeneyed (Raiders) [1]
PARRA_FAN (Eels) [1]

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Delusions of Grandeur Hey Mata :lol:

and cal me ignorant but how does that stick it up ME
Journey Man
I have a few protagonists over at ME who constantly snipe at my articles.

I'm thinking of taking "The Bird" over there in two parts (750 word limit).


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Oh is that all,

I would be surprised if the normal run of the mill AE poster would get the link between Mzilikazi and Matabele/M@tabele/AEMatabele or whichever alias you are using this week before getting punted 8)

And if you take "the Bird" over there try dumbing it down a bit, maybe about a year 8 level might do, although there are some bright 14 yr olds around

I'm surprised they applauded "A Manly Man" although they must have thought Is Menzies ergo is good


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Just read a post over there which started

"Sometimes facts get in the way of reality"

I would have thought "Sometimes facts get in the way of a good story " would have made a bit more sense
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Well done Mata I feel it's only a select few on ME who dont like your stuff Mata. The rest just wont admitt they like it I guess!
We had two Manly sides in forum 7s when it was originally started at rleague about three years ago. They picked representative sides out of the best posters. Greg Presbury and I both made the Australian Test team. Ask CliffyGC for confirmation.

We decided to abandon the forum 7s because the judges just like real referees crapped on our posts scoring them poorly. It was very poorly run back then.

Both Manly sides missed the finals because of cheating by the refs. Regarding cheating we did a bit of that as well when we were short on numbers I wrote posts for 2 or three different people. I'll say that now because they can't do anything about it.

I must be a fair writer myself to make the City, N.S.W and Australian sides in a 16 team comp.

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Well done Sideline - not sure the cheating is a good thing to do!

Good to see a few Manly men keeping the profile high. Mata is doing okay and hopefully he will do okay in the next one! :lol:
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My team has a couple of vacancies BTW.

PM me if you're interested. (The big Sidey comeback might be on?)
My team has a couple of vacancies BTW.

PM me if you're interested. (The big Sidey comeback might be on?)

I would only consider it if a Manly team was entered. It was worth the effort because we were doing it for the pride of Manly.
Journey Man
Maybe next year hey Sidey? It's too late for this year.

I don't know if you lads could handle being on a team with me though, could you?

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