max loves hoppa

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thats the truth of the matter,dont be surprised if he plays again this year,apparently if max wants him to play he plays.
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Vegas great to see you again.

Seems as though Max does like the he a good brick layer?
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well the judiciary can only really give him maybe 16 weeks at the max you would think,this is a very similiar tackle to newtons from newcastle last year.i agree he shouldnt ever be seen in a footy jersey again,the man is frightening.well maybe the jud. can give him 16 weeks for the tackle and 10 weeks for the haircut so he doesnt play again this year
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Newton had a clean record and character references to boot.

Hoppa is the most infamous person to appear at the judiciary.

24 weeks and that's not one week too few.

Delmege is smart and owns half the club, but even he could not seriously countenance this fool appearing in our colours again.


Kim Jong Dan
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lasvegas... he got the end of his career
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vegas - you know how this is going to play out. It will not be a normal case - rightly or wrongly.

The public want blood and the media are in a feeding frenzy. He's gone.
it may well be in manlys interests to simply keep him on contract, they probably have nothing to lose as im guessing hes on game by game payments,,,, we may simply need a bit of depth come semis time, who knows.....
If we make the semis, do you really want to field a bloke with a track record of leaving his team-mates in the lurch? Do we really want to be down to 12 men in a semi??
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We are on the right track at least.

No Hoppa to spoil it for a while now as well

and we won ok towards the end of last season without him
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Maybe we can bring him on in a semi if we need a player out of the game; ala Terry Lamb on Ellery Hanly in the 88 GF if I remember correctly.
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I love Hoppa to a certain extent however I dont think Max can do anything. The best result would be for Hoppa to be outed for the rest of the season, solves Manly a headache they dont need.
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Manly have been successful in switching Hoppa's judiciary hearing to tonight ( Tuesday ). It will be a media frenzy out at Fox Studios tonight.

I can't wait to read Zorba's column in this Saturdays Manly Daily . Last Saturdays was laughable.

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