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I had to smile at Mundine being plastered all over the back pages today. He'd held an innocuous press conference to announce future pans for his fighting career but by hitting all the right buttons he gets the whitebread establishment in a lather. The free publicity is priceless!

I'm beginning to wonder if he doesn't have an "agreement" with News Ltd.
As soon as I saw it I thought publicity stunt.

Mundine doesn't give a rats if he is hated as the more people who watch his fights to see him get smashed only improves his bank balance.
mundine may still be an idiot but there is someone in his camp that sure a **** isnt, it still doesnt stop him being a self centred waste of oxygen
Mundine never "smashes" anyone.. he goes the distance with them and beats them on points.

How many actual knock outs has he had??

He is an awesome boxer and proves that time and time again.. but when someone says that someone smashes someone i actually think he belts crap out of him.. which i've never seen mundine do.
That Bogan Green looked pretty banged up after his fight.

And Soliman was a TKO in his last fight.
It's probably just my take on the word "smash".. I agree he gave Green a lesson... but when I hear the word smash i think broken nose's and blood and stuff :lol:
It's probably just my take on the word \"smash\".. I agree he gave Green a lesson... but when I hear the word smash i think broken nose's and blood and stuff :lol:

I am sure if you saw a guy outside a club on weekend cop a few clean punches to the head and end up all bruised and swollen you would say he was smashed but because Mundine did this to Green it is different due to your bias.

From memory Green did have some blood, his face was definately knocked up I remember that but not 100% on Mundine drawing blood.
Last Mundine fight I saw it was Mundine doing the smashing.
I didn't say he gets smashed but that a lot of people watch his fights in the hope that he will. Win lose or draw the more people who watch his fights add to his income.
I don't have any bias, Garts. I'm happy to see mundine or green win it didn't bother me either way. I probably have more respect for Mundine than I do Green.
I can't stand Mundine - going right back to the Laurie Daly sledging.

He is smart but when you start the great things he does for his people etc and playing the race card, that is when you lose me.

He fights well but Mundine is great for Mundine and that's about it.
Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett has stepped in to defend former pupil turned pugilist Anthony Mundine, who is again in the headlines for the wrong reasons after saying New South Wales was a racist rugby league state.

During the launch of his world title defence on the Gold Coast yesterday, where he announced a June 27 fight against Argentine Pablo Daniel Zamora Nievas, Mundine said young Aboriginal players should move to Queensland to get a fair crack at representative football.

His comments come on the back of in-form Souths winger Nathan Merritt shocking the NRL by claiming he wasn't picked for the City team because he was aboriginal.

While Mundine's slur has caused a stir in the tabloids, he found an ally in Bennett, who said the WBA super middleweight champ was a "smart operator" simply trying to drum up some press for his title bout.

"Anthony's just trying to get people to his boxing. He's great at the hype part of it and he knows what he's doing. I think he's a pretty smart operator actually," Bennett said.

"He's not talking about getting opportunities. He's not talking about not playing rugby league. I didn't read those comments."
Bennett and Mata agree. Are Mars and Venus in line????

Sure Mundine is just getting publicity.

I wonder if Rhys Wesser would agree with him.
Add that to mata conceding we would be disadvantaged by monas leaving and I think something very strange has happened out dubbo way.

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