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Ive got a feeling we can get a win too. I think after 3 losses in a row the boys will put their heart and soul 110% into it and come away with a gritty win. One we need right now for sure.


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Sports Tab have had two separate bets of $10K & $14K placed on the Sea Eagles at the odds of $1.75 & $1.80.

I just don't get those odds, I thought St George played well against the Eels last week and we were beaten by a team that was pathetic. I can only assume it is some bizzare form of money laundering.

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MB will correct me but don't bookies stack the odds based on outlay in order to protect themselves. Good money to Manly mean that the odds shorten. If I was a betting man I couldn't put that sort of money up with any confidence at all!


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yeah but they chorten as a cause of the money, they cannot preempt it.

The good odds to start with are the home ground advantage, we have lost just 1 game this year at home so it is expected that our odds would be in favour of the home ground


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Im not a betting man and this weekend im not sure i'd put money on either manly or st george to win but CW is right. The more money outlayed on a ceratin team changes the odds accordingly so the bookies never lose money.


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I am going to give the punt on this game a miss. I will be there on Sunday cheering for Manly but from a betting point of view, and I know that Barrett is out, I just can't see how anyone believes with any confidence that we will win this one and the odds are way too skinny.


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Manly will win this one I have a gut feeling, easy contest and a stroll home. I heard they were going to win to prove us AE guys wrong

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