Post-Game Discussion Manly V Storm [Round 12, 2024]

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Game Information

Sea Eagles
26 4 Pines Park
24 May 2024 20:00
80:00 minute

Match Stats


KT 623
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I thought Ray Vaega had a blinder. That tackle on the western touch line late in the game live was incredible. He was marking up in a three on one and he turned at the last second and timed it perfectly with a horizontal dive. Won the game for us.
And if that wasn’t good enough, gets himself straight up square at marker and drops the next Storm player. All heart and soul is RR.


KT 623
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They sure are and really enhances the atmosphere. I've been going to Brookie for over 50 years and I can't remember a year when we've had so many sold out home games - and we're only halfway through the season. It's phenomenal!
Seibold said in the presser it was 4 sold out games of the last five.
It makes so much difference to the players, the fans at the game, and it comes across on the TV great as well.


The older I get the better I was
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When he ref's it's heart in your mouth stuff, it shouldn't be this way, why can't they just have some commonsense rullings.
The NRL wants the drama of close games, twice he gifted them six agains/penalties that led to tries, towards the end of each half when we had got out to big leads, even my brother-in-law who is a devout Warriors fan texted me and asked 'what was the penalty for?', & 'Burbo wasn't even touching him when he blew that penalty'.

Eagle 1

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The NRL wants the drama of close games twice he gifted them six agains/penalties that led to tries, towards the end of each half when we had got out to big leads, even my brother-in-law wh is a devout Warriors fan texted me and said what was the penalty for & Burbo wasn't even touching him when he blew the other penalty.
So true, this time we were resilient enough to defend these questionable decisions.

manly al

First Grader
That"s the type of form and general composure that will keep the side well in contention for a final "s run
Heaps of positives , some good constructive attack in the main and generally did do well to contain one of the better attacking units in the comp .
Bad defensive lapse to allow that late Storm was pretty much compensated for with some really good committed defence overall and those one on one crucial tackles had to be a highlight .
Doesn't get any easier with the approaching Panthers match away but should have the side in a good frame of mind after last night's effort to meet that challenge .
Just how to accommodate the back five still available is of course going to be interesting and presuming Koula is available again
.Might come down to choosing between the outstanding debutante Leihi and Ray Ray but have the ability in those back five positions right now regardless even minus Turbo and that has to be another major positive


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Well done to our boys last night was away on annual leave so missed the game but saw the replay

the most frustrating thing is we can put in performances like last night and then play putrid against the likes of dragons raiders game.

The inconsistencies in our game are what is our biggest downfall to date

Glad I get to enjoy the rest of weekend of the NRL coming off a win.


Journey Man
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Woohooo relax and rejoice Silvertails
We are Indeed our happiest when our Manly colors are proudly Raised
The long awaited win has lifted our spirits and our hopes
Let us Soar and Win More like Feisty Finals Finishing Eagles do


Doin' the eagle rock 🦅
The penalty that marched them down the field off the tap no one has any idea what it was for. Klein is just a disgrace
That's Klown realising the Storm needing some help. Time to gift them a penalty and hopefully they will score. The bunker and refs have been diabolical this year. Their inconsistencies and decisions have been atrocious. Bringing game management to a new level.


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Loved the game last night - most pleasing part was the fact we held on under some adversity with Melbourne attacking our line for the last 10 or so minutes and Klown riding them home. Personally I love watching the energy that guys like Vaega, Gordie & Brown bring and I really think it lifts the rest of the team

If you told me after 12 games we'd have beaten Penrith, Melbourne and the Roosters and still likely be sitting out of the 8 at the end of the round I'd be extremely confused, goes to show how costly some of these games we've blown are. Nevertheless the bye has been a long time coming and I'm hopeful the rest will help us going into the Origin period

Once Was Brissie Kid

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2024 could be heading to all time highest Brookie crowd average, which would be quite a feat given the ground is topping out at 17.3K. Manly in 1976 had 3 games in the mid 23-25K range.
The 10K vs Raiders the one low point due to weather.
The other 3 games sold out just over 17k each.
Last night sell out was another 17k meaning this year's average is around 15,853.
Next Brookie game is vs Dargons on Sun 16 June

1. 15,931 (11 games) Manly 1976
2. 15,484 (11 games) Manly 2006
3. 15,171 (12 games) Manly 2005
4. 14,900 (11 games) Manly 2007
5. 14,860 (11 games) Manly 1994
6. 14,722 (11 games) Manly 1995
7. 14,719 (8 games) Manly 1971
8. 14,660 (11 games) Manly 1993
9. 14,546 (11 games) Manly 1991

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Eagle 1

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Tom to bench if he ever makes it back
Let's not get ahead of ourselves HK, if Tom had of played he would of at least got his try and a try assist. The Storm defense was there for the picking last night, we just came up with a lot of nothing plays for the most part.

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