Manase Fainu

Mate, first I was I'd write stuff for people, then a teacher, then had my own dog walking business. So don't give me your shooting from below ****.
And yes, as a dog walker, I'd often look at the socials of the helpers because I didn't want some ice filled nutter around my precious clients.
The point I was making was directed at people on here giving a **** what a player posts on social media,you wanted to turn it into the importance of an employer caring( for what reason I do not know).
I have no idea what the **** you are talking about with shooting from below anything.
It does not change the fact many many employers don't give a **** about people on social media
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It does not change the fact many many employers don't give a **** about people on social media
But they will eventually. Once its in Google land shall it never ever be gone.

Honestly perhaps in some lines of employment I'm sure some employers don't give a rats but its becoming the norm to deep diving into one's digital footprint.

I have a friend that runs a very large recruitment firm with over 15000 people on the books and I can assure you that his company when looking to place said people deep dive into each and every person they put forward to possible employers. They not only do the deep dive but they also provide said report to the employer for their records and offer a service of 6 monthly updates of social media and web activity.

Last thing big firms want these days is dirty laundry turning up later down the track.
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So Manase was meant to be in court May 27th no?

Probs just a pre trial call over....but any update from that?
"This" poster won the tipping comp?....c'mon!
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Yes, the nrl have determined that if a (manly) player has been stood down for over a year under their no-fault stand down rule, then they are more than likely guilty and will be de-registered.

Payments to members of the public who bring false claims to initiate this rule have been approved with total amnesty for all involved.

Other than that, I have no updates, sorry.
Yeah, Nah.
Finally, the begging of the end is about to start.
Haven’t heard or read anyone linking Turpin with Manly other than on Silvertails.Two weeks ago it was Segeyaro.So I suspect any no.9 on the market will be linked to Manly by a lazy journo,with a proviso comment regarding Fainu thanks, I'll take Segeyaro, at least he's having a go and trying to prove himself playing with our reggies the Blacktown boys.
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Based on the last month theres few who wear the jumper with more commitment than our current 9. Garrick and Foz both singing his praises on Sat night, pretty obvious he is highly respected by his team mates.
Can't argue with that. The only odd thing is the number of good judges here who wanted him gone from Manly years ago, some were even very insulting!
Next to Manase wearing a black sweater & white pants. Samuel Fainu is second from the left in blue pants. All being well, Latu should progress quickly through the system & be NRL ready in a couple of years.
Yes, clearly Latu is progressing really well physically. It'll be interesting to see where he sits within the system in 2023, given he still won't be 18.
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