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Journey Man
I know a lot of people have been talking about Glenn Stewart, Brett Stewart, Jason King, Minchael Monaghan and how they have all improved. I have to say that I have been thinking the same thing about Willow. He's only 28, and covers Hooker / 5/8 and the backrow. If he kept this form up, I'd say a 2-3 year contract wouldn't be out of the question.



The thing with Willo is he does it week in week out so you don't notice the vast improvement as you do the others.

I'm a massive willo fan and believe his defence is vital to the team.


Journey Man
The thing with Willo is he does it week in week out so you don't notice the vast improvement as you do the others.

I'm a massive willo fan and believe his defence is vital to the team.

Have to admit, I was more of a critic in previous years, as I was of the opinion impact players from the bench were more stereotypical of where the game is heading....but the 1st five impressed.

How funny is he in the channel nine broadcasts where they show the YART at the start, and Willow's there, cheesy grin, flicking his fringe !!! Dead set, he could have been an actor in The Waltons !!!


Willow is doing very well, along with Ballin have been blocking up the middle of the ruck.
I wouldn't mind seeing Wells get a go around Origin time.
He is a natural Lock, and would provide more 'spark' then Willow.


Reserve Grader
Willow is not the tyoe of player who can take us to a title. He is a 'safe' player. We need a forward/backrower who an break the line in attack as well as a good defender. I say let him go and throw the kicthen sink at O'Donnell.


First Grader
Willo's defense is fantastic. His go forward is pedestrian. But, I'd keep him for his utility value.


Reserve Grader
At the start of the season when Willow and Stewy2 were in the starting lineup I for one had doubts as I was of the opinion they where very similar players. Now after five rounds I am glad to be proved wrong I think they have both been fantastic.

Unfortunately when Beaver returns I think Willow will be the one cut and somehow I can't see him getting a bench spot.... to me he has to start because he really does not add anything coming off the bench.


Journey Man
Valid points guys. If it were a scenario where we HAD to let go of Willow for O'Donnell....then there's no question to be had.

11. Choc
12. LOD
13. Fozzy Bear

is a pretty awesome backrow


Its always handy who will make 40 tackles in 80 mins in your 17. he is making more tackles in 60 mins than most are making in 80 in the last few weeks.

Last year he played carrying a groin injury so you can obviously the improvement .


Willow offers nothing off the bench, especially how he was used last year.

When Beaver comes back, if he indeed slots straight back into the starting line-up, I'd be interested to see if the starting team could survive without Choc for the first 15/20 minutes. Bring Choc on to play for the last 60 minutes of the game. His injection after 20 minutes could be huge.

The Wheel
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The thing is with the under 20 comp for next year you wont be able to keep too many old blokes on your books


Guys Willo is only a diffensive forward. He has no idea how to break the line & has bugger all ball skills. A bench spot is all i can give him & i am being generous.
Im sure there will be younger , fitter and tougher forwards on the market.
We have to look to the future.
Crusher will find us someone.


I have been one of Willow's biggest critics in the past. This year he has been excellent mainly because he is being used properly i.e. alot of tackles and the odd 'settling' hit up. He hasn't missed many crucial tackles this year either.

He doesn't have pace, can't break a tackle and doesn't offload but that isn't his role anyway. If he is in the team, I prefer him to start. He doesn't seem to play as well coming off the bench (imo).

The conundrum for Hasler is when he has everybody back on deck. We have a number of good players covering the same positions that can all play 80 minutes.

We lack good big units (imo). Bryant, Rose & Hall are adequate at best. I don't know if Hasler has the courage to run with a smaller team like the West Tigers did when they won the comp.

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