Lehmann stay or go?

Journey Man
Well put it this way, if mullane played 10 games where he was averge som and very good in the others would you still want him in your team. So far this year Martyn had an average 3003/2004 but finished it off with a century, a good winter and a good start to summer. Only half a year where he was good. Ill start changing my mind if at the end of the summer he is still pumping out centuries.
Journey Man
I've changed my mind again. Keep the side as it is. No changes.

There's only one more test this Summer. What will bringing in Katich achieve?

Let's keep an eye on the bigger prize - the Ashes next Winter. Do we want Lehmann on that tour? I'd suggest that we do.
Journey Man
I think we have a couple against the kiwis. See how Lehman goes there, with similar pitches to England. He might just surprise us all with the low, slow stuff.
Journey Man
I should mention that Peter Roebuck had some good ideas on the Lehmann issue which made me re-evaluate.

How do you all think Lehmann will go on those slower pitches against slower seamers (Harmison excepted).
Journey Man
Ummmmm. He did score a century against India a few tests ago. The only century Mullane is going to get is if he gets a six for every football he launches into the grandstand.

On current form Hayden and even Ponting are having a rougher trot than Lehmann. Should we call for their heads too?

On that criteria the top six would be:

First Grader

Ponting has at least been getting runs 30's 40's even a 90's.

Layman hos been getting 10's
First Grader
Century who cares he's still getting consistent runs.

Hayden look at his score today?????? More than Layman in the last few tests.

Layman is good tactically but it's time for ponting to step up.
Journey Man
Ponting last century was 2003.

Lehmann has been getting more than 10's there was an 83 against NZ and 3 centuries this year, 1 in india, then a 60odd when injured then missed the last 3 innings of the series injured.

Gilly has the lowest average for 2004 so i guess he should go.

Byso as for your comment on Lehmann doesnt deserve to be there then how the **** could you consider martyn to deserve a spot.

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