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Lean forwards are the way of the future


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Jun 21, 2010
Does anyone think that the rules will stay as they are after the end of this season ? I suppose it will be interesting as always to see how they bend them for Origin, but I am guessing that the NRL will undertake some sort of season review, and decide that the number of injuries and blowout scores was just a little too much, and will revise / temper the rules somewhat, and we may need to go back to having some real props in the mix.

Thoughts anyone ?
I didn’t mind the new trial rules last weekend, even though we lost, which really pissed me off with such a poor defensive effort.

I never liked that backs pack into scrums and the only reason they did is because the scrum was a load of BS. Uncontested mainly and the ball fed in the second row. Well except for Croker, who basically fed it to the lock and was penalised and I think it was the only scrum penalty this year when a half fed the ball.

The new rules create fatigue and therefore more points are scored as a result. However, we don’t want ‘Rugba‘ League turning into a game of touch football.

There still has to be role for the big boppers.

NRL is inclusive of all shapes and sizes, from the Grasshopper to Fat Albert and I think it should always remain as such.

it’s fine to tinker with the rules to make it a better spectacle however, too many changes can just mess it all up.

Harry Smith

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Aug 27, 2016
I see your point but the guys you listed are second rowers. Welch is Tolman like and really not 'fast and mobile' at least not more than AFB. Tupouniua is running off the back of JWH and Taukiaho - they are not the 'modern day' forwards, they are mobile yes but every prop is stil somewhat mobile today. Matterson is running off the back of Paulo. Murray running off the back of Burgess and Knight/Tatola.

Papalii is still one of the best in the comp and he is a similar player to AFB.

I understand what you mean but you can't have a team of second rowers. Having a big boy like Marty / Addin still provides value, especially given you have good backrowers (which we do not).

Sironen isn't that mobile anymore and has lost his passing game. Tupouniua would be a perfect signing but again would probably play back row for us.
Yes i'd love it if we could make the Tupouniua signing happen, he'd be perfect. I always rush when giving examples. Marty is a good example of a mobile prop, fending, offloading, jinking after breaking free and going again, leg drive in the tackle, good shifting and overall defence (eg. Cam Murray try saving tackle last season at Brookie). Liam Knight is probably a better example of where I feel future props will look like in the future. Papalii is a good case you've made.

You are right, there is still room for a big forward in the modern pack. The difference to me is that both JWH and Papalii are in forward packs that are balanced with a lot of different player dynamics (Radley, JWH, Cordner, Tupouinua, Verrills before his injury). Papalii wasn't as good when Shannon Boyd and Dynamis Lui where in that raiders starting pack a few years ago, it's only really late that he has started to dominate.

I just feel that AFB isn't a smart investment when we already have a lot of large props and Jake at lock. I think it's good he is gone so that we can spend money elsewhere as our forwards are already big enough imo. As we saw compared to a lot of teams in the comp this season (especially the riff) they the lack versatility and speed to punch holes in the opposition. A lot of teams absorbed the strong runs of AFB, Taupau and Jake, wore them out and then launched a counterattack.

The answer to me is to buy/develop some leaner Radley/Tupouinua/Niokerei types as AFB is too much of what we already have imo.
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Sea Eagle Lach
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Mar 8, 2009
and how the hell can a snake with no arms and no legs, swim faster than me, climb trees better than me, and run bloody faster than me ....
More practice (assuming you are only legless part of the time)


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Feb 8, 2005
It's indicative of his 'persona' so sarcasm aside, the point stands that we don't need 'gangsta' types in our ranks. Bags are for chicks too man.
Agree on the gangsta types. But I really do hate bumbags, can't stand them. I couldn't be friends with anyone who wears one.

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