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UFO Hunter
Manly forward George Rose will tomorrow night (Tuesday) face a further operation following the compound fracture of the right ankle suffered in last Saturday's match against the Melbourne Storm.

Manly doctor, Paul Bloomfield said the second operation was necessary to reduce the risk of infection because of the compound fracture/dislocation which took place.

Rose underwent a three hour operation after midnight on Sunday morning after his fibula was fractured and the deltoid ligament was badly torn.

The report from hospital today was that he is comfortable after the operation.

The popular prop, in his second season with the Sea Eagles, has been swamped by fans wishing him a successful recovery.


UFO Hunter
I'd rather Newton on the bench than fat George.

The most lateral movement I've ever seen from Rose occured on Saturday night when his fibia went sideways.


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Wonder if he'll get another offer next year without playing? My guess he'll have to trial to get a start.

Kiwi Eagle

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i would think, and hope, we would give him another contract

He is still only around 24ish i think, has come on a lot since joining us, and shows potential to improve his game over the next few years.

Good quality prop depth is vital in this comp, and Rose certainly provides that


I'd give big georgie another contract.

He has size and improvement in him. He's also shown more recently that he can be as damaging as any front rower in the comp. He'll mature and become better and more consistent as he gets older. Keep him in Manly.


Journey Man
Probably the weakest player in the 17 we field. I agree no cointract until he trials and proves himself.

You can't give a fat bloke like that a comfort blanket.


Winging it
Probably the weakest player in the 17 we field. I agree no cointract until he trials and proves himself.

You can't give a fat bloke like that a comfort blanket.
YAMWB! :naughty: Phtttt :roll:


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If he played above his weight he would be a world beater.

I spoke to his cousin up here yesterday and said he was still hoping to get a contract for next year but nothing was really there as yet.

Said the big unit was a bit crook when he came out of the op (as you would think) but was in good spirits considering.


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I think he's exceeded my expectations. He isn't on a Kite or King salary chaps.

For a second string player he's done well.


Journey Man
in terms of a contract, unless we can get someone else i would be keen on keeping rose - the next choice is moorwood remember.

He had just seemed to be hitting some form, seems he needs a lot of time to get match fit. PL as depth until he halfway through next season when he is fit enough.


UFO Hunter
We have to keep him unless we find someone else. We have no better option than rose at present and you don't throw away what you got until you have something to replace it.


Definitely keep him, a contract with some hefty incentives, doubt he would be in huge demand elsewhere with that injury.


Journey Man
Thats a luxury we may not have Clon, if Parra or newcastle are still interested in him we will need to secure him.

I get the feeling from the article that he wont cost us to much as he seems to want to stay.


Reserve Grader
I hope the club looks after him. Match payments as well as some sort of salary. I think he'll be a great player in coming years. So I think it would be a mistake to screw him because he's had the misfortune to break his leg.

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