Lance Thomson


A few similarities between the Thomson and Monaghan situation don't you think?
There are a few obvious differences (one being that Thomson showed a little bit of form this year) but all in all they are pretty similar in their sooking ways.
While I don't exactly sympathise with the Dragons due to the ridiculous amount of talent they have in their ranks, you can hardly blame them for wanting to get rid of the likes of Ennis and Thomson in order to keep Sims, Young and Creagh.
Timmins is a completely different kettle of fish because he is loyal and a bit more realistic about where it fits in the scheme of things.
Imagine Mona's and Thomson in the one team- like two peas in a pod !
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He'd make a great prop for us. He's only 27 as well, so has at least 4-5 years left.


In my opinion he is not all that good.
He has always been promising something but performs in dribs and drabs, when he has to pull something out to keep his spot.
He also seems to be a bit of a whinger and we already have one of those.
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LoL. Imagine as props though dude:-

Brent Kite, Lance Thompson, Kylie Leuleuai & Daniel Heckenberg, with Jason King, George Rose & Mark Bryant waiting in the wings.
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Thompson mainly plays second row.

I agree with PJ - a bad apple - bad enough to spoil the rest of the barrell.

Doust has the balls that Max doesn't have.
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Lance Thompson has a very hard edge. I met him about five years ago after a St G game when I attended with a friend who is a St G official. Wasn't the sort of guy I wanted to meet in a back alley. Has the drive and determination plus on-field leadership that Manly tended to lack. He is tough and when Thompson was out they didn't look as strong a team without his tireless work. I would snap him up tomorrow if we could afford/get him!!


I think Thompson (I'll spell his name properly this time) isn't the sort of guy you would want to meet in a back ally and that's why I think he would be better suited to boxing- he's already had a go at it.
He is prone to brain explosions and is nothing special as a footballer. I think he believed too much of the hype about himself years ago and has left his run too late in his career- best bet ESL.

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