Kite as Captain

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Canteen Worker

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Seems to have been a good choice by Des. He has led from example and grown in stature. He is more of a 'Do as I do' Captain rather than a 'Do as I say' type.

Since late in 2005 when some questioned his value he has been magnificent and can be rightly considered up there with the best props, and yet without the hype!! No fuss and just quietly gets the job done.

What I have also enjoyed is that we seem to have moved on from constantly fighting with referees and are now winning some penalty counts.

This augurs well for the future.


Reserve Grader
Seems to have been a good choice by Des. He has led from example and grown in stature. He is more of a 'Do as I do' Captain rather than a 'Do as I say' type.

there must be something about having BK's as captains!!

Agree with you Canteen can't fault Kite one bit.


Kim Jong Dan
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Yeha i love the attitude, no arguing with refs, although Burns blew up at the touchy in back play against the Warriors, but rightly so he did cop a deliberate elbow right in front of touchy


Bk is back!!!!
Kite has been sensational. And to think , Brownie thinks Ryles is the best prop in the comp. pfffft.


First Grader
I have no issue with that and it has merit although I guess Orford could view is as a slap in the face.


Journey Man
Dunno Garts - Orford seems pretty humble about that type of stuff. It may take a bit of pressure off as well. Remember how dominant he was at Melbourne with Kearns etc being captain.


First Grader
Kite will lead the forwards anyway and I am sure he was given that role at the start of the year. As far as making it official as being co captains I wouldnt care if Orford was fine with it. He more than likely would be but I guess we dont know.


Co-captains is rubbish.

The players all their roles on the field and know who is running attack, defence, forwards etc. Only one bloke can talk to the ref at a time and that is the captain. If he's off the field, the vice steps in.
Orford, Kite, Monas & Menzies all do their bit. Ox is captain, end of story.


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Kite may be named as captain but it seems pretty obvious to me that Mona's has been the on field captain

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Disco that may be correct

Have been noting that before the games when they are hudlding in the sheds Monaghan seems to be the one doing all the tlaking


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Whoever it is, we seem to be not getting off-side with the refs, although we haven't had Clark yet. I'd like to see Lyon permanently taking the goal kicks. I would also like to see a player coached to kick long with penalties.

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