King Kite

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Why don't we start with Bryant and leuluai and bring King and kite of the bench when things have settled down a bit.


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I would start with Kite everytime ,you want your best players on the field in the opening 20.


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Kite and Bryant. Kylie and Cuthbo on Bench. King in PL till he shows some form.

(I am dreaming - it will never happen!)
Exactly my choice !!, but what would us idiots know !!


maybe dropping them both to the bench would put a rocket up them !


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On last weeks stats, no front rower deserves to be punted -yet. Why not rotate it differently, so only King & kite replace each other. This way, Bryant and Lulu will replace each other therefore one will always be on the field looking for the crunch tackle. This way the opposing team will ALWAYS be on the look out. Not knocking the current starting props at all, they just have a different style.


King was probably our 3rd best prop on the weekend. He made 2nd most metres. cut him some slack.. he wasnt as bad as last year.. give him a go.


King was probably our 3rd best prop on the weekend. He made 2nd most metres. cut him some slack.. he wasnt as bad as last year.. give him a go.

I'm with you kaza ... i thought he went ok.. well considering

I wouldn't drop him on that.. no way!!

I think starting kite and bryant is a good option... last year when king was coming off the bench.. he played pretty well i thought... i'd start with kite and bryant and rotate with lulu and kingy!

Jatz Crackers

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The arguement here is not IF King should or shouldnt be dropped.

Its that he shouldnt have been there in the first place.

His form over the last 12 months doesnt warrant him being on the bench, let alone the run on side.

For gods sake, this is a competitive sport. Thats not just competitive against other teams, its competitive for spots IN the team.

I say King and the team as a whole would benefit if he managed to rise up from PL and earn his spot in this side.

As it is now average performances are being rewarded, and thats just not on.

I feel like im starting to state the bleeding obvious a lot these days.

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